Debra Messing says “It’s fantastic”

Actress Debra Messing is the new global brand ambassador for CoolSculpting. The A-list star, you recognize from the show Will & Grace, is a huge fan of CoolSculpting (the world’s most popular nonsurgical fat treatment!).

Since she’s in a line of work that requires her to look good all the time, Messing needs to spend extra attention on her appearance. But, as a single mom, she also has no time to waste on beauty treatments that don’t work. That’s why she chose CoolSculpting!

“I never stop. I work all the time. I’m always involved with something,” Messing, who just turned 49 years old last month, explained. “And I’m a wimp so anything that involves knives or a hospital is not good. Here’s something that you literally just walk into your dermatologist’s office and they put something on my belly for an hour and then you put your clothes back on and you walk out the door and then a couple of months later [the fat] is gone.”

That’s CoolSculpting in a nutshell!

Messing started her treatments back in March, and a month later, she said,

“I’m already seeing change. It’s fantastic. When I was 20, I could eat four Big Macs in a row and I’d still weigh eight pounds. I’m still naturally a slim person but I had a baby and it’s like I exercised but that little bit of fat is not going away. I’m not going to starve myself because that’s not healthy. So here’s this option and it’s non-invasive and it’s safe and it doesn’t hurt.”

Watch Debra Messing talk about her experience in this video.


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