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Morpheus8 is a non-invasive treatment that uses a hand-held radiofrequency system that heats the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of aging. It is an extremely powerful device used for skin tightening with no discomfort or downtime for smooth, natural looking results. Call +1 (877) 356-7776 to learn more about Morpheus 8 Treatment in Toronto, ON.

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Also expressing gratitude to our exceptional patients, we will remain dedicated to delivering top-notch Morpheus8 treatments that will help you look and feel like your best self!

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What is Morpheus8 Non-Surgical Skin Tightening TREATMENT:

Morpheus8 is a brand new, innovative solution for treating skin laxticity while removing fat. Using a safe radiofrequency (RF) and an advanced needling treatment, Morpheus8 helps you achieve tighter and smoother looking skin on the face and body. The unique engineering of the device results in treatment that can be performed on both larger, easily assessable areas and smaller, more delicate regions that require precision.  

The innovative Morpheus8 treatment applies just the right amount of heat to: 

  • Remodel skin texture on subdermal layers 
  • Remove unwanted fat  
  • Reintroduce collagen fibers for increased volume and suppleness 

Morpheus8 Treatment at Skin Vitality

The Morpheus8 treatment is designed to address a variety of skincare problems including acne scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Although you will see a visible improvement after the first session, we recommend about 3 sessions to obtain optimal results.  

We’ll ensure the proper amount of RF heat is delivered safely to your target area in order to get the results you want. We are able to accomplish this through the in-depth training on our medical aesthetic practitioners, their extensive experience and the precise regulation of energy the device is designed to deliver.  

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The innovative engineering of the Morpheus8 hand-held device has resulted in customizable device tips for delivery, meaning that treatments can be performed on both larger and smaller, more delicate areas. The needles will only affect the subdermal layers of the skin, so there’s no risk of hyperpigmentation post-session, making Morpheus8 a fantastic option for all completion types. 


The Morpheus8 facial treatment is ideal if you’re looking to rid the face of wrinkles and fine lines while also evening discoloration by restoring the skin’s youthful complexion in these areas: 

  • Around the mouth 
  • Jaw Line  
  • Neck 
  • Lower and upper eyelids 
  • Cheeks 

Mopheus8 Body Treatment:  

 Morpheus8 is an ideal treatment if you want to get rid of the following issues affecting body contour: 

  • Sagging skin around the thighs and buttocks 
  • Cellulite 
  • Loose skin around the stomach  

While it can take up to 6 months to see an improvement in collagen, some patients have noticed a reduction in cellulite in as little as one month!  

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Founded in 1992, Skin Vitality Medical Clinic has 13 Locations across Southeastern Ontario including; Toronto, Ajax, St Catharines, London, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Richmond Hill, Kitchener, Burlington, Milton &  Whitby. Our Medical Team consists of over 200 professionals including 10 Medical Doctors, 40 Nurse Practitioners and dozens of Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses. We are the Largest Provider of Botox®, Juvederm®, CoolSculpting®, Hair Restoration®, Sculptra®, EMSculpt® and Fraxel® in Canada. 

How Does Morpheus8 work?

The Morpheus8 device is based on high powered, radio frequency technology. What sets the Morpheus8 treatment apart from other alternatives is that its 24 microneedles deliver heat energy to the tissue in the dermis—a thick layer under the epidermis and your fat layers called the subcutaneous fat layer. The dermis is the area that produces collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of tight, smooth-looking skin.

During your Morpheus8 Treatment

During your Morpheus8 treatment in Toronto, we apply a topical anesthetic to the desired area(s) of improvement. Once that area is numb, a the hand-held device will move across the skin and the microneedles will puncture the skin. Patients usually feel some pressure and mild heat, along with some tingling, with each pulse of the device. After the treatment is complete, we will apply a soothing cream or lotion that will aid in the healing process.

Preparation before Morpheus 8 Treatment

You may be asked to shave in the area to eliminate stubble that has been found to make the sensation worse. If you’re having the area around your eyes treated, you’ll be asked to wear protective eye shields.

By gently warming the tissues to contract collagen molecules and stimulate their production, the skin is remodeled at the cellular level. This results in younger, smoother and healthier skin. Morpheus8 has also shown fantastic improvements in the reduction of the look of cellulite. 

How long does each Morpheus8 treatment take?

Each session only takes about 15-60 minutes depending on the size of your target area.

Your session may be rescheduled if you have an infection or cut in the target area. This is because wounded skin may increase your risk of infection or other negative side effect.

You won’t need to go home and recover after your Morpheus8 treatment. While you may experience warmth, pinkness and mild aching in the area treated, these should all resolve within 2-3 days, at most. The aching has been described as the same kind you’d feel after having a good workout at the gym.

After each session, it will take roughly 3-6 months for your skin to remodel its collagen levels. This process, called Collagenesis, will occur over the months following your treatment. The improvement will last as long as the effects of aging, you may want to get “touchups” treatments every 9 months to a year for the most optimal results.

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Skin Vitality Medical Clinic is proud to offer Morpheus 8 at the following locations:

How Much is Morpheus 8?

The price of Morpheus8 may differ depending on a variety of variables, including the length of the required therapy and the number of sessions necessary to produce the desired outcomes. Many patients think that the benefits are well worth the expenditure, despite the fact that the cost of the treatment may be more than some other options. Morpheus8 is a popular option for people looking for non-invasive skin rejuvenation due to its long-lasting advantages, which include the decrease of wrinkles, acne scars, and skin laxity. In addition, there can be payment plans or financing options available to help patients finance their therapy. 

It is crucial to consult with one of our registered practitioners to ascertain the precise cost of the procedure based on specific demands and desired outcomes. Skin Vitality can offer a cost estimate and assist in developing a customised treatment plan that is suited to the individual needs and financial constraints of each patient. In the end, even if the price of Morpheus8 may vary, the procedure’s capacity to provide noticeable, long-lasting skin benefits makes it a worthwhile investment in one’s general health and wellbeing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Morpheus 8 Treatment

It has been demonstrated that the non-surgical Morpheus8 treatment is incredibly effective at lessening the visibility of acne scars. An even and smoother skin texture is the outcome of using micro-needling and radiofrequency technology to tighten sagging skin and encourage the synthesis of collagen. The treatment’s micro-needling component allows for regulated skin damage, which in turn activates the body’s natural healing process. This assists in lessening the visibility of acne scars and other surface flaws. 

Morpheus 8 Benefits

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Can be used on various areas of the body
  • Little downtime
  • Noticeable results after just one treatment 
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Evens and smooths skin
  • Tightens the skin
  • Stimulates collagen production

Morpheus8 Aftercare

The Morpheus8 treatment, like many cosmetic procedures, entails a recovery period. During Morpheus8 downtime, patients can experience some redness, swelling, and sensitivity in the areas that were treated. Morpheus 8 aftercare is crucial in order to ensure optimal results and in reducing any irritation during the recovery period. 

Patients should avoid:

  • Sun exposure
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Skincare products that contain harsh chemicals and/or fragrances

During the Morpheus8 treatment downtime, we recommend to apply moisturizers and sunscreen both generously and frequently to protect the treated areas. Patients may be advised to schedule multiple treatment sessions to achieve the best morpheus results, and a follow-up appointment may be required to surveil the progress of the treatment. It is essential to follow Morpheus 8 aftercare instructions provided by your licensed practitioner to guarantee optimal results and a successful treatment.

FAQ's About Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 treatment will stimulate collagen production to improve the contours of your face and promote skin health. It will also tighten your skin along the jawline and your neck. It helps to improve and correct acne as well as acne scarring. Morpheus 8 can also help lighten stretch marks. 

The cost of Morpheus8 will depend on your full treatment plan and how many sessions are needed. Typically 3 treatments are needed to get the desired results.

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Depending on the patient, the results of Morpheus8 can last up to 12 to 18 months. Annual follow-up sessions are needed to maintain the desired results. Morpheus8 works with FaceTite and AccuTite to provide additional tightening and improvement to the skin. 

Although Morpheus8 uses needles, it’s not usually painful. Any discomfort that is felt during the treatment is often very tolerable. Our team will also apply a numbing cream to ensure optimal comfort during your session. 

Typical Morpheus8 candidates are men and women between the ages of 30 and 55 experiencing visible signs of aging. To qualify for Moprheus8, an individual must be in good general health. 

Morpheus8 can treat almost all areas of the face and body, while Ultherapy is only truly effective when applied to your face, neck, and décolletage. Morpheus8 will leave you with results that last between 12 – 18 months, whereas the results of Ultherapy usually last around 12 months. 

RF microneedling using the Morpheus8 can help: Firm the skinCreate an even skin tone, texture, and colorReduce sun damage and age spots. 

This added heat promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid at a much greater level than traditional microneedling. The Morpheus8 treatment allows for more dramatic results at a much faster rate and may reduce the need for follow-up sessions. 

Morpheus 8 can cause permanent and lasting results that withstand the test of time. With the proper treatment plan and annual maintenance treatments patients can sustain ongoing collagen production and major reduction in skin laxity. 


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Free in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team at one of our 13 locations!