We all get days when we feel bad, stressed out and irritated about things in our life that are not working out quite right or are a complete disaster. Trying to stay calm or find some peace at these moments is very difficult so what can we do to help

  1. Write it all down, keep a diary or have a journal next to your bed and every night before you go to sleep write solid with out lifting the pen from the paper. Release the constant stream of consciousness and you will be surprise how much better you feel. It should help clear your mind and prevent you from lying awake thinking about all the things that are annoying you.
  2. Feeling wound up and stressed out, well instead of grabbing the glass of vino, or eating half a tub of Ben & Jerry’s go for a walk, have a relaxing bath, turn the music up high and dance it out. Have a yell, scream or cry get it out of your system!
  3. Take up Yoga, it is very relaxing, it will help you unwind and clear your mind.
  4. Write a letter, don’t worry about being polite it will never be posted it just write a letter to release feelings such as guilt, anger, frustration, jealousy.
  5. Meditate, take 20mins to clear your mind and take deep breaths. You will feel far better.
  6. Give yourself encouragement if you are going through a rough or stressful time it is ok, not everyday of you life can be brilliant we all have bad patches.
  7. Sleep on it, remember everything usually looks better in the morning when your mind has had time to process things and you body has got some rest.



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