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ABOUT Fotona

Fotona laser treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses multi-laser technology. Laser skin resurfacing, skin and body tightening as well as hair removal.
Not only does it boost the effectiveness of laser procedures, but also minimizes complications and improves accuracy and precision in targeting problematic areas. Having been clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, Fotona laser treatments are safe, have a minimum to no downtime and produces presentable results.
Fotona 4D treatments are delivered on a systematic basis where each part of the treatment serves a different purpose in restoring the skin from the inside out.

What is the Treatment Like ?

Piano Mode laser skin-tightening treatments are non-invasive and require no downtime. Patients may experience the heating of the treatment area with minimal discomfort. The thermal heating of the tissue cells induces thermally activated modification in the dermis. Fotona Laser skin tightening treatments require no post-op care, and patients can resume their daily routine right after the procedure.

Fotona Treatments:

4D – Four incredible non-invasive laser treatments in one session which targets all layers of the skin! SmoothLifting to target volume and elasticity, Frac3 to target deep imperfections such spots and vascular lesions, PIANO which tightens the skin by targeting skin laxity with deep heating and finally the SupErficial which is a light polishing peel to remove dead skin. The combination of the four steps gives the clients plumper tighter skin by improving laxity, brighter more youthful complexion with a smooth texture and leaves your skin glowing and looking 10 years in less then one hour.

Nightlase (Snoring and Apnea Treatment) – This treatment uses a laser light that heats the tissue causing it to tighten which leads to attenuation (decrease of force) of the sound of the patient’s snoring and lessening the effects of sleep apnea. It’s a two-step treatment; step 1 the laser light preheats the tissue and step 2 the laser light strengthens the tissue with absolutely no downtime. The great part about this treatment is that the outcome can be examined visually and monitored with a snore lab iPhone application.

HAIRestart – This incredible treatment with no downtime improves vascularization of hair follicles, activates keratinocytes and papilla cells resulting in improved follicle activity and promotion of new hair follicle growth, prevention of further hair loss and a significant increase in hair density and thickness. Each treatment is less then 30 minutes! Which is perfect for the person on the go! Come in during your lunch hour and return to work with no downtime!

Gynecological Treatments – Laser treatment for stress and mixed urinary incontinence and IntimaLase – Laser treatment for vaginal relaxation Syndrome. These treatments stimulate collagen remodeling and synthesis of new collagen. The new collagen is deposited in as little as 3 weeks and the mature collagen formed in only 6 to 8 weeks. The result of the collagen neogenesis and remodeling is a tighter vaginal canal and tissues are more able to support the urethra.

Skin Tightening – A dual-wavelength non-invasive laser treatment that tightens the skin on all areas of the body. This incredible treatment with no downtime which can be done on your face all the way down to your feet simulates the collagen and targets skin laxity which in turn results in tighter, smoother and more youthful skin.