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Skin Vitality Medical remains committed to prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our communities by adhering to Ontario Public Health Guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

At this time, our clinics are offering a limited repertoire of regulated medical treatments, such as, dramatically reduced patient capacity in our clinics. 

With Covid-19 regional public health measures and restrictions, Skin Vitality Medical monitors the provincial guidelines daily and makes changes to the offered services accordingly to adhere to the restrictions, the separate region/zone guidelines as well as the governing bodies such as CPSO and CNO. 

As regulated health professionals, doctors and nurses are able to provide services, including cosmetic injections, during the pandemic.  As per the CPSO and CNO, cosmetic injections performed by PHP are NOT considered a personal care service and therefore are permitted.  

Skin Vitality is grateful for the vaccinations that have been administered to our Doctors & Nurses and most staff.  All employees wear the highest grade masks, such as KN95 and/or level three surgical masks, plus a face shield at all times within the clinics.     

We are still offering virtual consultations by a Member of our Medical Team as well as in-clinic consultations. 

As the Largest Provider of Medical Aesthetic Medicine in Canada, we have implemented the most effective health and safety protocols to keep our patients and team as safe.  We are almost there Ontario.  We appreciate all your support and loyalty through this challenging time.  

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What Skin Vitality is Doing to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to evolve and be modified as new information becomes available from Public Health, the Ministry of Health, and the Provincial Government regarding safety guidelines and restrictions.

Engineering Controls 

  • Floor decals have been installed to mark 6 feet apart to encourage social distancing 
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at our front Reception desks and in our offices 
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted in high traffic areas throughout the clinic 
  • All shared items have been removed from communal areas 

Administrative Controls 

  • Virtual Consultations have been introduced to reduce patient wait times in communal areas 
  • Patients are scheduled with a buffer of 15 minutes to allow for a vigorous cleaning protocol in between appointments 
  • Both staff and patients have their temperatures upon entry using a touch-free thermometer 
  • Both staff and patients are screened upon entry using a series of COVID19 pre-screening questions; these questions are susceptible to change based on guidelines as issued by Ontario Public Health 
  • Social distancing is being enforced in clinic 
  • Workers have been trained on hand hygiene, particularly handwashing and sanitizing 
  • Workers are reminded about good cough and sneeze etiquette and to avoid touching their face 
  • All workers and visitors must properly clean their hands before entering the workplace and after contact with objects and surfaces others may have touched 
  • All shared items (iPads, styluses, pens, POS) are sanitized after each use 
  • High-touch surfaces are disinfected regularly with Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Wipes (DIN# 02247354) 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

  • Our clinics are adequately stocked with appropriate Health Canada Approved PPE for each department and for our patients 
  • Professionally fitted Niosh N95 L-188 (TC-84A6973) & L-288 (TC-84A-7228) masks, and KN95 Efficient Filtering Mask K.E.F. (GB2626-2006) 
  • Earloop Procedure Masks 100% Cotton non-woven inner layer Super Soft (211-P703020) 
  • Our clinics are adequately stocked with sanitization supplies including but limited to anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer and Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Wipes – which are included on Health Canada’s list of hard-surface disinfectants demonstrating that they are effective against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 
  • Face masks are mandatory and are provided for our staff and patients 

What Our Patients Can Do To Help

Kindly reschedule your appointment either 3 weeks from potential exposure/ diagnosis or 3 weeks after your symptoms have subsided if: 

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days 
  • You currently have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 
    • Fever (37.8°C or higher) 
    • New or worsening cough, shortness of breath 
    • Sore throat, difficulty swallowing 
    • Headache with runny nose, or nasal congestion (not related to seasonal allergies) 
    • New onset of atypical symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, muscles aches/chills, unexplained fatigue/malaise (feeling unwell), abdominal pain 
    • New onset loss of sense of taste/smell disorder 
  • You have travelled or been in contact with someone who has travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days 
  • A doctor, health care provider, or public health unit has told you that you should currently be isolating 
  • Within the last 14 days, a public health unit has identified you as a close contact of someone who currently has COVID-19 
  • Within the last 14 days, you have received a COVID Alert exposure notification on your cell phone 


Schedule an appointment at 1-877-356-7776; we are not accepting ‘walk-in’ patients, or allowing the accompaniment of children or ‘plus ones’ at this time.

Please sanitize your hands upon entry.

Wear a face covering or mask; if you have forgotten yours, our Reception team will be happy to provide one for you free of charge.

Provide a touch-free method of payment.

We will continue to work diligently to enhance our safety protocols to protect the wellbeing of our patients, team members, and communities.

We are deeply appreciative of our patients’ cooperation during these trying times. 

It is an honour to continue to provide care to our patients by doing what inspires us – offering the best in medical aesthetics – with kindness and compassion.