Sculptra Nonsurgical Butt Lift

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable medical product that is based on a synthetic polymer called poly-L-lactic acid. This substance acts as a replacement for collagen. Poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, is totally biocompatible and biodegradable, so that it gets absorbed harmlessly.

More about PLLA

When Sculptra is injected into your skin, your body reacts to the PLLA microparticles by initiating the creation of collagen. Over time, collagen production in the injected area becomes more voluminous, causing the skin to plump out. Over time, the PLLA microparticles are metabolized and converted into carbon dioxide and water, which the body then simply expels through the respiratory system harmlessly.

Sculptra is designed to increase volume, making it ideal to plump up your buttocks and make them perkier without surgery.

It is also effective in minimizing contour irregularities to smooth away undesirable ripples on your butt.

  • * Over 200,000+ patients have been treated.
  • Available in over 30 countries around the world.
  • * Totally biocompatible and biodegradable — no human, animal or bacterial ingredients.
  • * A Brazilian butt lift without incisions, scars, or downtime.

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Sculptra Treatment

Before your treatment, your health and goals will be assessed by our licensed doctor. You’ll find out how Sculptra can help you, and how much  Sculptra you may need to achieve your expectations.

During your first procedure(s), you may find that only a limited amount of Sculptra is injected. This is done to avoid overcorrection, which can cause undesirable results. Your results after this first session or two will be assessed, so that the amount can be adjusted accordingly.

After each injection, the area(s) treated will be massaged. This allows the product to be more evenly distributed. A cool pack can also be applied to help reduce swelling and bruising. Since swelling can hide results, it’s important to wait for a few days to a couple of weeks for the swelling to subside before results are assessed. Usually, a followup is scheduled at 4 weeks or so.

Once your treatment regimen has been completed, results may last over 2 years.

Sculptra Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, more than one injection session is necessary to achieve desired results. You’ll find out how many sessions and how much Sculptra you may need during your initial consultation. Each session takes up to an hour.

Sculptra adds volume to your buttocks with its key ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid. This promotes the growth of collagen, which plumps up your butt and smoothes away contour irregularities.

Sculptra has been found to last for over 2 years, and new collagen that has been created from the treatment has been found to last over 7 years!

Touchups can be performed to maintain and prolong results.


Typical side effects include pinpoint bleeding, redness at the injection site, bruising and some discomfort. These side effects are temporary.

Risks, which are rare in occurrence, include nodules, granulomas, infection, skin hypertrophy and telangiectasis.

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