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What is BELLY FAT?

Fat is normal. Even those who have flat abs can still have some belly fat. But having an access amount of fat in the stomach area can affect your health in ways that other fat doesn’t.

The average person’s body fat is made up of around 90% subcutaneous fat, the layer that sits just beneath the skin. Your belly is mostly made of this subcutaneous fat as well, with the remaining 10% of your body fat being visceral. The visceral fat lies protected under the firm abdominal wall, which is why it is so hard to target.

Visceral fat is vital for the protection if your organs, found in spaces surrounding the liver, intestines, and other organs. It is also stored in the omentum – referred to sometimes as a pouch – which lies under the stomach muscles, covering the intestines. As the omentum fills with fat it gets harder and thicker. This is when visceral fat turns from safe to harmful. A build up or pouch of visceral fat can open you up to a large list of health problems, related to heart disease and diabetes.


1.     Brown Fat

This type of fat is now thought to be more like muscle in comparison to white fat. When your brown fat is activated, it actually burns white fat.

Leaner adults will usually carry more brown fat than adults that are overweight. If you are heavier, your brown cells can be greatly outnumbered by your white fat cells. An average adult that sits around the 150-pound mark might have 20-30 pounds of fat, with 2-3 ounces of that being brown fat. The 2-3 ounces of brown fat when stimulated has the potential to burn up to 300-500 calories per day.

2.     White Fat

Experts agree that white fat can be more commonly found within the body than brown fat. White fat is created by your body in order to store energy and produce hormones that later get distributed to the body through your bloodstream.

Smaller fat cells will produce a much-needed hormone called adiponectin, which makes your liver and muscles sensitive to the hormone insulin. This process that naturally occurs within our bodies makes us less susceptible to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

When people become fat, the production of adiponectin slows down or shuts down, setting them up for disease, according to Fried and others.

3.     Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat is stored directly under the skin. From a health standpoint, subcutaneous fat in areas such as the thighs and buttocks may have potential benefits and are not as bad for you in comparison to visceral fat.

Although certain areas may not cause as many problems, subcutaneous fat found on the abdomen can contribute to many health effects. Experts warn an excess amount of deep visceral and subcutaneous fat found in big bellies is a danger to your overall health.


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Is it possible to target belly fat?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to target the specific belly fat through your diet. Losing weight overall will help shrink your fat cells in the abdominal area and, more importantly, reduce the dangerous layer of visceral fat that is responsible for a plethora of health risks.

The process of targeting weight-loss is also referred to as “spot reduction”. It is a hyper-focused kind of weight loss that experts speculate is not possible without the extra help of treatments such as CoolSculpting. In a study published by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, they discovered that intense ab workouts over the course of 12-weeks did not result in a slimmer waist for the participants. Another related study found that the same process with arm workouts, which resulted in a reduction of loose skin, but it showed zero reduction in fat loss.

Before and After Belly Fat Loss

Many people struggle with fat deposits in and around the stomach area. Although this may not be the most difficult part of the body to lose fat, it is one of the most commonly sought-after areas to lose weight by patients.

Women have an especially difficult time trying to lose fat in this area following childbirth, regardless of diet and exercise. This is because the fat is hiding behind the firm abdominal wall, built up over time to protect a child. CoolSculpting is revolutionary because it can help to spot reduce the specific area of fat hidden behind this wall.

Can I Target Lower Belly Fat?

The CoolSculpting Stomach treatment is one of the only ways to spot treat the lower abdomen or belly area. There are more than 50 publications of clinical research, evaluations that prove the efficacy and the safety of the treatment. It is praised for being gentle while still showing a significant reduction in the amount of fat cells present.

One of the only other ways to spot reduce fat in the lower belly area is Liposuction. Although this treatment proves highly effective, it is also extremely expensive. Not to mention the added risk of surgery, medications, and recovery time away from family, friends and work. If you are looking for the best non-surgical option to get rid of belly fat (without breaking the bank), CoolSculpting is your best option.


How to Lose Your Belly Fat

CoolSculpting® is the best option for those looking to spot reduce stubborn fat within the abdominal area. In just one session, the average patient can expect to see a 20 – 25% reduction in the fat layer post-treatment, based on a study published by Clinic, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. There is additional research that supports it may even reduce up to 40% of the fat layer, depending on the patient.

The main feature of this treatment is the non-surgical aspect. The process of CoolSculpting® uses Cryolipolysis®, a freezing technology that requires no surgery and absolutely no downtime. It is also a relatively quick treatment, with patients in and out of a single session within an hour. The technology has been approved and supported by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical specialists alike. 

The treatment uses an applicator to freeze the small pockets of fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues. This results in the death of your fat cells, which have crystalized. Your body works to get rid of these dead cells naturally through your waste elimination system. This process is vital because once the area is treated, the fat cells are gone for good. This reduces the amount of fat cells in the area that fluctuate in size depending on your weight.

Lose Belly Fat Toronto

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Skin Vitality Toronto is our fourth location in Southwestern Ontario. This Toronto location only offers medical services that require a doctor’s involvement. If you are not location in and around the Toronto area, we offer CoolSculpting in 8 additional locations around the GTA: 

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The cost of CoolSculpting depends on the area you’d like to treat and the number of sessions that you need. Book a free virtual or in person consultation to speak with a medical consultant to find out pricing for your CoolSculpting treatment.

There are many exercises out there but not all are made equal. Doctors agree that regardless of the type, the addition of physical activity into your daily routine will greatly improve the look of excess belly fat.

Aerobic and cardio exercises are best for burning off visceral fat – including just 30 minutes a day of cardio will have a significant improvement on the patches of fat throughout your body, and those surrounding your liver.

Some great cardio exercises include: running, fast walking, biking, rowing, swimming, group fitness classes and more!

You can get CoolSculpting in Toronto at Skin Vitality, conveniently located on Eglinton just a few blocks west of Yonge. Don’t drive or have a car? We’re a very short bus ride from Eglinton Station on the TTC, so there’s nothing stopping you from achieving the look you want.

It is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure, and it will not produce the same results as invasive procedures such as liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. CoolSculpting helps with contouring your body by using a cooling technique to spot target pouches of stubborn fat. CoolSculpting works to eliminate the fat cells completely, whereas weight loss will only shrink the fat cells present.

The true secret to success is to adopt healthy life-long habits. This means that CoolSculpting can get you to where you want to be physically but creating life-long habits in addition to this treatment will set you up for success in the future. In order to maintain your results, we recommend keeping a diet rich with fruit and vegetables as well as regular exercise.

Men and women store fat differently. Women need some belly fat to function, with the function of their estrogen stored within fat cells – without these it can cause your natural hormone function to be irregular, causing serious health issues.

Most of us would love to slim down our waistline but having a lack of fat isn’t always the goal. Most females should aim to sit within the 21-30% body fat range. It is a healthy body fat percentage for most and it is usually an achievable goal to work towards.


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Free Virtual Consultation from the privacy of your own home or FREE in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team

Free Virtual Consultation from the privacy of your own home or FREE in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team.