The Most Requested Body Treatments by Celebrities Before Award Shows

So, you know what you want to look like but you don’t know how to get there, especially when most of these celebrity treatments are kept on the down low. Have you ever wondered how celebrities prep their faces and bodies prior to an award show? Yes, of course a consistent skin care regimen, working out regularly and eating healthy are important, but most stars get a little help with their features from cosmetic enhancements on a semi-regular basis. So what treatments do these celebs get and how long before an event should you think about getting these treatments? Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 body treatments that the rich and famous love before award shows.

The top 3 body treatments are CoolSculpting®, EMSculpt® and Sculptra®.


You may have already heard of this revolutionary treatment, otherwise known as cryolipolysis. It works by placing two panels over a roll of fat in order to bring it to a freezing temperature. Researchers gave found that CoolSculpting® can reduce the treated fat layer by as much as 25% and it requires absolutely no downtime. No wonder this treatment is extremely popular before award shows.

Debra Messing (pictured on the left) is a spokesperson for CoolSculpting®, swearing by the treatment, and based on her before and after CoolSculpting® pictures, we can’t blame her! Molly Sims (pictured on the right) also advocates for CoolSculpting®, claiming that it was responsible for helping her lose the post-baby weight after giving birth to two children. Sims mentions that she will definitely be getting another treatment done after giving birth to her third child as there is no downtime for busy moms! This is a popular area amongst women who have a lot of trouble losing the stubborn patch of fat on the lower abdomen. This treatment seems to be in high demand for those in Hollywood, regardless of the season.

Recommended Timeline: In order to see the full results of CoolSculpting®, we recommend getting the treatment done approximately 8 weeks before a special event. This will give the cryolipolysis time to work its magic, helping you lose those fat cells over a period of weeks.


We all know J.Lo has some of the best abs in Hollywood. Her Instagram is filled with collections of healthy food and insane workouts, proving that she definitely works for what she’s got; but as she enters her 50’s, she openly admits that she gets a little help from this muscle building treatment. Lopez is a huge fan of EMSculpt®, using the treatment on her abs and her buttocks. She confirmed with Women’s Day Magazine that she would be keeping up with the treatment for at least the next couple of decades.

Recommended Timeline: the best EMSculpt® results are seen when patients accompany this treatment with a healthy diet and exercise. Additionally, the more treatments you schedule, the quicker you will see your results. Patients typically start to see their new EMSculpt® results around two weeks after their last treatment. It is recommended that patients get at least 2 – 3 treatments a week for about 2 – 4 weeks for optimal results. If you are hoping to use the EMSculpt® treatment to look and feel your best for an event, we recommend starting the treatment 6 weeks prior to your event.


The Kardashians are no strangers to this ultimate butt lift; there is absolutely no cutting, no anesthesia and no implants. With the treatment promoting your body’s natural production of collagen in the area injected, Sculptra® provides seamless, natural results that gradually fill out the buttocks area over a period of time. This is the best alternative for those who want a more plump behind, or those who are looking to lift the buttocks area. This treatment is available at the perfect time as the Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction then distributing fat in the buttocks area) continues to rise as the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in Canada.

(Left photo retrieved via @kyliesgam)

The Sculptra® before and after pictures show Kylie Jenner, pictured on the left, in 2013 versus 2016 and Kim Kardashian, pictured on the right, showing off her post-Sculptra® buttocks. Kim has been very open about her experience with the Sculptra® Non-Surgical Butt-Lift. The most notable change in the Kardashian-Jenner clan are the wide, plump hips that create the ultimate hourglass shape.

Recommended Timeline: in order to see the full results of Sculptra®, we recommend booking your treatment 4-6 weeks prior to an event, and 10-12 weeks before an event if you think you would like a follow up appointment to discuss a second treatment (patients looking for a larger enhancement).


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