The Top 3 Facial Applications of Juvederm® During Award Season

Juvederm® is a cosmetic treatment otherwise known as Filler. This treatment is used to restore the natural facial contours that can be lost as a result of aging, or it can be used to naturally enhance your features. It’s an injectable dermal filler with a Hyaluronic Acid base. Juvederm® may be considered just one treatment, but it has a plethora of applications and the following 3 are the most frequently requested by injectors during award season: Cheek Fillers, Lip Filler and Jawline Filler.

Lip Fillers

This first application of Filler is commonly seen in Hollywood. Lip Fillers have been popular amongst celebrities for decades, but recently a lot of big names are opening up about how Juvederm® has helped with their confidence. Khloe Kardashian (pictured on the left) openly speaks about her experiences with Lip Fillers, explaining that she found the right injector and she could not be happier with her results. Although Megan Fox (pictured on the right) has denied getting Lip Fillers, or any work at all, the photos don’t lie. Sceptics claim that Megan Fox has also had Cheek and Jawline Fillers to enhance the look of her bone structure.


Jawline Contouring

The second application of Filler that is most commonly seen in Hollywood is Jawline Contouring. This treatment has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years, and Juvederm® has the ideal product for this area: Juvederm® Volux. This dermal filler is specifically designed for the chin and jawline application. Injectors use this product to strengthen and define the jawline and chin, soften the look of jewels, and improve or even eliminate double chins. For patients that are leaner, like Angelina Jolie (pictured on the left), this can highlight an already stunning facial feature and prevent the hollow look by helping you age naturally. For other patients, such as Kylie Jenner (pictured on the right) it can strengthen your overall look and define the bottom half of your face.


Cheek Fillers

The third application of Juvéderm that is most popular during award season in Hollywood is Cheek Fillers. This application of Juvederm helping with the lifting and slimming of the face. For those that want that slim look but want to avoid surgery, Cheek Fillers are the best option. Bella Hadid (pictured on the left) is a great example of the slimming that Juvederm can provide by defining the cheek bones and creating natural facial contours. With Scarlet Johanson (pictured on the right), we can see the lifting action in play. The Juvederm injected into the cheeks restores volume, creating a lifted, healthy facial composition.

Recommended Timeline: If you have never had Fillers before, we recommend you get your first treatment done 4 weeks prior to your event. Filler requires no downtime but sometimes there can be bruising after the initial injection. Any bruising and/or swelling subsides within 2 weeks and that is when you are able to book a free follow up assessment to discuss your results with a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Doctor. If any areas need to be touched up, there may be another chance of bruising so the extra 2 weeks is just to be safe. If you have had Juvederm in the past, we recommend you look into getting your treatment done 2 weeks prior to your event.


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