7 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Old

1. Too much Foundation

Putting on a thick layer of foundation is obvious to anyone who spends a few moments looking at your face. Instead, try to be minimal with your use of foundation or use a tinted moisturizer instead. The more skin people can see and the less makeup the better. Use it to enhance your well-taken-care-of skin, not cover it up. 

2. Too much concealer under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a bane of beauty for both men and women. Getting more sleep and adjusting your diet can help make these look better, but oftentimes women rely on concealer to help their eyes look more youthful. But as you get older, the skin under the eye becomes thinner. This means you need to apply light amounts of concealer and only where there are darker areas. Otherwise the thick cover-up will not look good at all.

3. Poor hairstyle choice

Your hairstyle can be a huge boost to your beauty, or an unfortunate detriment to your beauty. As you get older and want to continue looking young, a long and flat hair style will not work as well as it did in your youth. Long, flat hair exaggerates the look of a droopier, older face without bringing out the good in your face.

4. Too much stress

In our busy and hectic lives, people build up a great deal of stress throughout the week. It’s a serious beauty mistake to have lots of stress on your shoulders and not do anything about it. Skin suffers when the body and mind are under stress, and no amount of beauty tips or make-up can undo the damage caused by stress.

5. Hair abuse

When you get your hair colored or have it go through curlers or other processes, you’re doing damage to it over time. This is especially true when it is done on a weekly basis. Fried and dried hair looks as far from youthful and beautiful as a toad is from handsome. Cut back on the hair salon trips and dye jobs, you’ll save money and your hair.

6. Shinier eye shadow

Shiny and shimmering eye shadow might look great and be popular but it’s going to show signs of aging more than other forms of eye shadow. The area where you apply eye shadow lacks oil glands and that means the eyes are the area to show aging first. Creases and cracks in the skin will be exemplified with the use of shinier eye shadow as opposed to matte colors.

7. Adding makeup to the lower eye and lashes

As you get older, to make yourself look younger you need to stop using mascara and eyeliner on the lower area of your eye. This only brings attention to the dark circles and other effects of aging instead of making your eyes look more beautiful. Also, keep the eyeliner off the lower part of the eye, it does the same.


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