10 Things To Make You a Healthier Person

You might think that it’s hard to lead a healthy lifestyle when you’re already swamped with the responsibilities of work, family and home. But small changes really add up! These 10 things are so simple to do that all you’ll need is a few minutes or less of your whole day.

  1. Don’t eat refined sugar. Eating too much refined sugar is bad for your waistline – you already know that, right? Not only is it empty calories, but it also makes satisfying your appetite more difficult. As a result, you eat more before you finally feel full.
  2. Laugh more. Children laugh over 100 times a day. Adults laugh maybe 20 times at most, and that’s on a good day. Where did your joy go? Laugh for 15 minutes and it’ll be like you just did 30 minutes of an aerobics class. It’s heart-healthy!
  3. Build your muscles. Pumping your muscles burns more calories than cardio because muscles require more energy to maintain than fat. You don’t need to hit the gym or use weights — just do 10 pushups three times a day, or other muscle building exercise. Burpees are great!
  4. Cut out the energy drinks. Those energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine, both of which boost you up fast. But then you crash fast, too. A study has also found that they can cause chest pain, irregular heartbeat and even death.
  5. Hug someone. De-stress not by couch surfing, but hugging someone you love. Your stress levels will drop.
  6. Take a walk outside. Now that the weather is getting a little warmer here, enjoy the warmth by taking a walk in a park or forest. This is another activity that will totally de-stress and rejuvenate you.
  7. Get off your butt at work. If you work a desk job, stand up every hour to give your butt a break. Do some calf raises, mini squats, or anything else that will get your blood pumping again.
  8. Enjoy the moment. When you do something fun, free your mind of the past and future by being totally in the moment. Your happiness quotient will skyrocket.
  9. Don’t skimp on food. That instant mac and cheese might cost a buck but what nutritional value does it really have? All it’ll do is fill your stomach up, but your body won’t thrive on it because it won’t nourish you. Be kind to your body and eat less processed food.
  10. Turn off the tv. Watching tv might be a way to relax, but it robs you of your valuable time. Why not find something else that you truly enjoy?


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