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ABOUT CoolSculpting London Ontario

We are the TOP provider of CoolSculpting in Canada and the #2 provider worldwide. We perform more treatments than any other provider in the country!

Before and after CoolSculpting

Dieting and exercising can help you lose weight, but it won’t do much for the areas on your body that are genetically programmed to retain fat. This stubborn fat is the last to go and because you can’t spot reduce it, you’ll always have bulges and lumps no matter how healthy your lifestyle. That’s why no matter how many push ups, crunches and lunges you do, the fat on those problem areas will always be there.

You’re sick and tired of trying to tone up that fat bulge and other flabby areas. You hate always failing, despite your vigorous diet and exercise regimen. Don’t fall for fad diets, supplements or medications that may be dangerous for your health. Target fat safely without downtime because you deserve it.

CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-surgical treatment to target fat.

  • no needles, no knives: non-surgical fat treatment
  • no downtime: get back to life right after your treatment
  • treats unwanted fat but doesn’t harm other tissues
  • no diet or exercise required
  • up to 25% reduction of fat after a single session (according to a Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology study)
  • see the improvement 1-3 months
  • extensively researched and proven for safety and effectiveness

We are the first in Canada to offer the CoolAdvantage Petite™ applicator for the upper arms! CoolAdvantage is the only non-surgical fat removal technology that’s FDA cleared for the upper arms.

Khloe Kardashian admitted to getting CoolSculpting in the January 2016 edition of New Beauty, afterrumours circulated that she got plastic surgery.

In the interview with the magazine, Khloe said that she hadn’t gotten any plastic surgery, but did get some CoolSculpting done to eliminate unwanted fat in specific areas on her body. While exercise and a healthy diet help, we guess Khloe needed a bit more help to get a body like that!

CoolSculpting has gained worldwide recognition for being one of the top non-surgical fat removal treatments to date. It even won the NewBeauty Award, FIVE YEARS IN A ROW!


CoolSculpting at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic


Skin Vitality is the FIRST in Canada to offer CoolSculpting’s newest technology

We’ve just gotten the very latest CoolSculpting non-invasive fat reduction technology from Zeltiq, allowing you to reduce your treatments in half with 2x the results! That means you can get two areas treated at the same time. For example, if you want both love handles or all of your muffin top treated, you don’t have to spend 2 hours for each side — you just need to spend 1 hour, so you can get back to your busy schedule. You gotta love that!

Fight Fat the Right Way

CoolSculpting is a safe fat reduction treatment that was first approved by Health Canada in 2008. The technology is so popular that over 6 million treatments have been performed around the world…and counting. In fact, CoolSculpting is the most popular treatment that doctors use when treating excess fat without surgery!

CoolSculpting is praised for being gentle and effective in treating fat cells, without harming nearby tissues. With just a single session, you’ll see a measurable improvement of your treated area — the average is a 20% to 25% reduction of the fat layer, according to a study published in the medical journal, Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. (In fact, additional research found that it could even be about 40% of the fat layer.) That’s just from 1 session that involves no recovery period!

Because of who fast you’ll be able to see an improvement, it’s become the first choice in fat reduction for our female and male patients.


CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Abdomen
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Stomach
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Stomach
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Waist / Side
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Waist / Side
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Waist / Side
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Waist / Side
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Waist / Side
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Back
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Back
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Back
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Back
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Lower Back
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Arms
CoolSculpting Treatment for the Thighs

Where can CoolSculpting be used?

The treatment is perfectly suitable for men and women. It has achieved great results for our patients in the following areas of your facial and body contour:


  • chin – great for double chins! (aka submental fat)
  • jawline
  • neck


  • upper abdomen
  • lower abdomen
  • love handles
  • back and flanks
  • inner and outer thighs
  • bra line
  • knees (above)
  • upper arms – Skin Vitality is the first in Canada to offer the CoolAdvantage Petite™ applicator specifically for the upper arms
  • lower back fat

Target the fat you don’t like

The beauty of CoolSculpting is its ability to spot reduce the fat that you don’t want to have. Unlike exercising and dieting, you can target fat exactly where you want.

Get the body you deserve without sacrificing your normal activity and lifestyle. Call us now to book your free consultation for CoolSculpting Toronto or other cities in southwestern Ontario, the world’s leading non-surgical fat treatment. Our patients are consistently amazed by how much leaner they can be after a single treatment.

CoolSculpting Applicators Available 

For your convenience, we offer these applicators for your CoolSculpting treatment:

  • Lavender
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Silver

How CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting is a totally different approach to fat reduction: Cryolipolysis®. Cryolipolysis® is a technology that was developed by two Harvard scientists, Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD, in a rather unique way: they noticed that some children who had dimples on their cheeks had them not because they were born that way, but because they developed the dimples from eating popsicles. The freezing temperatures from the popsicles decreased small pockets of fat cells but did not harm any other tissues, including skin. This resulted in the creation of dimples. That is how Cryolipolysis® was born and what CoolSculpting is based on. The technology is approved by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical specialists.

The controlled cooling of tissues in the target area is 4°C, a temperature that will do nothing to your skin, muscles or other tissues. However, for the fat located just below your skin, 4°C can be detrimental. This temperature is ideal to freeze pesky fat cells. Once crystallized, they’re simply processed by your body over the course of a few weeks.

You may not see any improvement after 1 week, but in 1 to 3 months, your body will have effectively processed fat cells from the targeted area(s), according to a Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology study. That’s when you’ll see the improvement you’ve been waiting for!

CoolSculpting is different from other devices because it targets fat cells without having any negative effect on surrounding tissues. Unlike radiofrequency-based and ultrasound-based technologies, the fat cells do not release their contents. The entire cell is targeted. This leads to a reduction of unwanted fat. Where does the fat go? It just gets processed like wasted matter by your lymphatic system. You can keep your fabulous new shape with a healthy lifestyle.

What people are saying about CoolSculpting

Brigitte says: “I have always worked out but could never get rid of the pooch. After only 1 session with CoolSculpting treatment I am so excited with the results. I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years. Thank you to wonderful staff that helped make me feel at ease. The down time was so minimal for the great results I got. I am looking forward to all the new clothes and no more girdles..yeah!”

Anita says: “I want to thank each and every on at Skin Vtality for taking such good care of me while I was getting my CoolSculpting done, because of this great treatment I got my self esteem back and I feel good about myself again, I want to thank Aggie who was always so positive and so supportive all the time while doing the treatment on me.”

This is just some feedback we’ve received from patients. Please note that individual experiences may differ.

Best Health magazine CoolSculpting article.


Do I need to take any supplements or do something in addition to my in-clinic treatment?

The convenient thing about CoolSculpting is that there is NOTHING that you need to do in addition to your in-clinic sessions. You don’t have to bump up your exercise routine, go on a special diet, or take any supplements or medications as part of your treatment.

Once you see your leaner body contour, though, you’ll probably be so happy that you’ll want to maintain it with a healthy exercise and diet regimen.

Frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting

  • 1. Am I a candidate? Who can use CoolSculpting? Who can get CoolSculpting? Who qualifies for CoolSculpting?

    If you’re bothered by stubborn fat despite being vigilant about your exercise and diet regimen, you may be a good candidate. Although it is ideal for anyone who is within their ideal body weight range. As long as you have stubborn fat that bulges, you may be a candidate. A free consultation with one of our highly qualified medical consultants will help you figure out if this treatment is right for you.

    Individuals with cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria may not be suitable candidates.

    Khloe Kardashian loves coolsculpting

  • 2. Where is CoolSculpting done? Where is CoolSculpting available?

    CoolSculpting treatments are performed at one of our 9 clinics in southwestern Ontario. See our locations at the bottom of this page.

  • 3. Where can CoolSculpting be used?

    The treatment can be performed in the following areas:

    • upper abdomen
    • lower abdomen
    • love handles
    • back and flanks
    • chin – great for double chins!
    • inner and outer thighs
    • bra line
    • knees (above)
    • jawline
    • neck
    • upper arms
    • back fat
  • 4. How effective is it for upper arms?

    The third most popular area to treat is the upper arms. Skin Vitality is the first in Canada to offer the CoolAdvantage Petite, the only applicator designed specifically for the upper arms. The applicator is uniquely shaped, cutting down the treatment time to just 35 minutes.

  • 5. What happens during my treatment? What is CoolSculpting procedure like? CoolSculpting what to expect?What does CoolSculpting feel like?

    This treatment isn’t plastic surgery. It’s non-invasive fat reduction that requires no incisions.

    The area with the fat deposit to be treated is placed between two plates, which is held in place by a suctioning device. The plates deliver cooling energy directly to the fat. You may feel the intense cold at first, but you’ll become accustomed to it quickly and no longer feel anything. This takes about five to 10 minutes. More than one area can be treated during your session. Patients often find their sessions so comfortable and relaxing that they fall asleep. If you have work to do, feel free to use your phone, iPad or laptop, because it won’t interfere with your sessions.

    After the treatment, you may feel some tingling as the area is massaged for 2 or 3 minutes. Patients are usually able to return to normal activities following their appointment. What to Expect has more information about what happens before, during, and after your CoolSculpting procedure.

  • 6. How many sessions do I need?

    Most patients only need one to three sessions of this Zeltiq procedure. Of course this depends on how much fat you’d like to get treat, and how many areas you’d like to treat.

  • 7. Can it help get rid of my belly fat and belly pooch?

    The stomach is one of the most popular areas to have treated since so many patients are prone to the development of excess fat there.

    new beauty magazine top procedure

  • 8. Do I need to take time off from work?

    No, you can return to all regular daily activities immediately after your treatment.

    Before and after CoolSculpting fat treatment for arms.
    *This is an example of one patient’s results. Results may vary.

  • 9. When will I see results? When does CoolSculpting start to work? Are CoolSculpting results immediate? How long to see results?

    Although there is no recovery time, you’ll need to wait a few weeks to see results. This is because your body needs time to process the fat cells. According to a study on the CoolSculpting device published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, the soonest you may see results is about three weeks, but ideal results take about one to three months or so to appear.

    Before and after CoolSculpting fat treatment for stomach.
    Before and after CoolSculpting fat treatment for double chin.
    Before and after CoolSculpting fat treatment for thighs.
    *These are examples of patient results. Results may vary.

  • 10. How much weight loss?

    CoolSculpting isn’t for weight loss. It’s to sculpt the treated area (hence the name) by targeting excess fat. You won’t see much difference on the scale, but like our patients, you’ll most likely see a huge difference in how you look!

  • 11. What does CoolSculpting feel like?

    At first, you’ll feel a little cold in the area treated because after all, it is a fat freezing technique. However, after a short while, the area will feel numb. You may feel some tugging and pulling as well.

  • 12. Are there any side effects or risks? What is CoolSculpting side effects?

    There are a few side effects related to the treatment. All are minor and temporary.

    • numbness (can last about a week or so)
    • mild soreness
    • mild bruising

    Zeltiq has performed several studies on CoolSculpting in the treatment of specific areas. During these studies, they have found the following side effects resulting from treatment:

    Flank area
    Patients in the studies have reported pain and discomfort during or after their treatment, some bruising in the treated area, redness, temporary numbness, and tingling. Swelling and cramping have also been reported. Once the treatment was discontinued, these side effects went away without medical intervention after about 4 weeks.

    Some pain, numbness, and nausea have been reported by patients. One instance of anxiety, headache, vasovagal episode, and menorrhagia were also reported. These side effects went away.

    Inner and Outer thighs
    Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the treated area), numbness, pain and mild contour irregularity have been reported. With the hyperpigmentation, it lasted over 16 weeks. In the very rare instance that this occurs, it tends to resolve spontaneously.

    Submental Area (under chin)
    Redness, hyperpigmentation, and swelling were reported in clinical studies.

    A note from Zeltiq Aesthetics, the manufacturer of the CoolSculpting device: if you suffer from any symptoms or side effect(s) related to your treatment that are concerning to you or lasts for more than 2 weeks, please discuss with your doctor. You can also contact the Zeltiq CoolSculpting Product Support line. They can be contacted at 1-888-ZELTIQ1.

    Most of the time, however, our patients do not experience any side effects at all. In very rare cases, some pain may be felt during and after treatment which can be alleviated with pain medication. When does CoolSculpting pain stop? It should go away with pain medication. One case of frostbite has also been reported, but it went away without problem. Complications are extremely rare.

  • 13. When does CoolSculpting swelling go down? CoolSculpting how long does swelling last?

    If you experience swelling, it should go down in a day or two. In severe cases, it can take a couple of weeks. If it lasts more than a couple of weeks, please let us know.

    One thing you can do to help reduce swelling is to massage the area treated. Although there isn’t any scientific research that proves the validity of this, it has helped our patients. Do a gentle massage once a day for about 5 minutes, preferably while bathing. The heat of the bath, combined with the massage, will improve blood circulation to the area and ease swelling.

    Another suggestion is to wear a compression garment, however this may not be as effective for swelling as it is to ease discomfort.

  • 14. Why does CoolSculpting cause diarrhea?

    It is highly unusual if diarrhea results from treatment.

  • 15. Why does CoolSculpting hurt after treatment? CoolSculpting how long does pain last?

    Pain can follow a session and while it is frequently discussed by some patients, it’s not a side effect that’s common. Pain is caused by your nerves waking up, much like when your foot wakes up after falling asleep. As the numbness wears off and you begin to feel the residual effects of the suction and massage that the device performs, you may start to feel discomfort in the form of stabbing, shooting and tearing pain. It may appear right after your treatment, or a few days later – some develop discomfort 3 to 5 days after their session. The pain should go away quickly, but it can take a couple of weeks to fully disappear.

    Here are some things that you can do to help ease pain and discomfort after CoolSculpting:

    1. Eat a healthy diet. Not only will this help maintain your results, a healthy diet provides the essential fuel that your body needs to recover. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    2. Drink plenty of fresh water. Water helps flush your system of the fat cells that were crystallized by your treatment by helping your lymphatic system do its job properly.
    3. Wear a compression garment. This can improve blood circulation to the area and provide support, making you feel better.
    4. Use hot or cold packs. Apply for 10 minute stretches every couple of hours. Some patients prefer hot packs, while others prefer cold.
    5. Perform massage. Remember what we said about massaging in the bath about 5 minutes a day to help with swelling? Well, doing this can also help with the pain.
    6. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is one of the best ways to ease pain.
    7. If the pain you feel is unbearable, please let us know. You may be prescribed medication that helps deal with nerve pain.

    A note on anti-inflammatory medications

    Please avoid anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen. These types of medications should not be taken as they can actually make your recovery worse. This is because they interfere with the fat reduction process that occurs after your treatment. The fat cells that have been crystallized need to be digested by other cells in the area, and if you take anti-inflammatory medication, this process is interrupted and you won’t get the results you want.

  • 16. Why does CoolSculpting itch?

    After the numbness goes away, your nerves “wake up” again. This can cause tingling and itchiness.

  • 17. Can I get as many treatments as I want? CoolSculpting how many treatments?

    As long as you have bulging fat which is “grab-able”, you can get treated.

  • 18. What happens to fat after CoolSculpting?

    The fat crystallized by the treatment will simply be processed by your body, like waste matter.

  • 19. What happens to my skin?

    Because this technology has no effect on any other tissues except fat, the state of your skin will not change in any way. If you have lax skin, you may want to consider a skin tightening treatment.

  • 20. CoolSculpting when do I see results? Are CoolSculpting results permanent?

    The optimal results in the treatment area appear about one to three months after your session. The fat cells that have been crystallized by the treatment are processed by your body like waste matter. However, future weight gain can increase the size of the remaining fat cells in your body. Results remain stable as long as you pursue a healthy lifestyle.

  • 21. CoolSculpting how many inches can I lose?

    It depends on the amount of excess fat you have in the area treated and how your body responds. We have had patients lose several inches and drop a few dress sizes. But remember – this fat reduction treatment is for bulging fat, not for fat that’s located around our internal organs.

  • 22. When was CoolSculpting FDA approved?

    CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA in 2010.

  • 23. Which is better CoolSculpting or Venus Freeze?

    The primary difference between these two treatments is the technologies they’re based on. CoolSculpting is based on cryolipolysis, while Venus Freeze is based on RF energy.

  • 24. Which is better CoolSculpting or Vanquish?

    If you’re busy and want to get results from fewer sessions, then consider CoolSculpting. Vanquish requires weekly sessions of about 30 minutes each over a month or more, while CoolSculpting only requires 1-3 sessions of an hour or more.

  • 25. Which is better CoolSculpting or Velashape?

    Velashape is an older technology that uses radio frequency energy to tighten the skin at the same time as you melt fat. However, you may need more sessions to see an improvement.

  • 26. Which is better CoolSculpting or Liposonix?

    Liposonix technology relies on ultrasound energy and can only treat the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs and buttocks. CoolSculpting can treat a wider variety of areas.

  • 27. Which is better CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

    The biggest advantage of CoolSculpting is that it’s a nonsurgical alternative to Liposuction. It’s not a form of laser-assisted liposuction, but it has achieved almost the same results for our patients! You don’t need to get anesthesia, there’s no extensive recovery period, and there are no incisions or scars.

  • 28. Which is better CoolSculpting or Zerona?

    Zerona perforates the cells, which releases their contents to be processed by the lymphatic system. CoolSculpting crystallizes fat cells instead.

  • 29. Which is better CoolSculpting or Ultherapy?

    Ultherapy treatment is a form of noninvasive skin technology that is based on ultrasound energy. It is typically used to improve skin tone rather than treat fat, therefore consider it more as a skin care treatment rather than fat reduction.

  • 30. Who has done CoolSculpting? Who has had CoolSculpting?

    To date, millions of treatments have been performed on patients around the world.

  • 31. Who does CoolSculpting in London? Who performs CoolSculpting?

    Skin Vitality Medical Clinic performs CoolSculpting in London and other cities in southwestern Ontario. We have 9 locations. Our licensed medical aestheticians perform the treatment, under the supervision of a board certified doctor.

  • 32. Who owns CoolSculpting? Who makes CoolSculpting?

    Zeltiq is the manufacturer of the CoolSculpting technology. The company was bought out by Allergan in 2017.

  • 33. Who invented CoolSculpting? When was CoolSculpting invented?

    Two scientists discovered the scientific phenomenon of cold- induced panniculitis in the 1970s, and cryolipolysis was coined a couple decades later by two Harvard scientists. The actual CoolSculpting device was invented by the same two Harvard scientists.

  • 34. When did CoolSculpting come out?

    CoolSculpting was approved by Health Canada in 2008, and that’s when it “came out” in the country.

  • 35. What is CoolSculpting like?

    The procedure is a comfortable one once the numbness sets in.

  • 36. What does CoolSculpting cost in Canada? How much does it cost? How much are CoolSculpting treatments? How expensive CoolSculpting?

    Pricing varies depending on the area treated. The CoolSculpt cost for a single treatment is usually in the hundreds of dollars.

  • 37. Why massage after CoolSculpting?

    Massage is recommended after a session because it helps break up the crystallized fatty tissue, making it easier to process by your body.

  • 38. CoolSculpting what temperature? How cold CoolSculpting?

    The temperature at which fat cells die is 4C.

  • 39. How long between treatments?

    You can schedule your treatments a couple of months apart. Three months is ideal according to scientific studies, including one that was published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. You’ll find out the ideal treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals during your consultation.

  • 40. Why CoolSculpting doesn't work?

    Please allow up to 3 months for your results to appear after a session. If you don’t see an improvement, you may need another treatment or loose skin is hiding your results.

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