Does VelaShape™ Hurt?

A common question, and why shouldn’t it be? Most, if not all, of us would rather prepare ourselves for something that could cause discomfort or pain. So when it comes to VelaShape™, the discomfort level is normally described by our patients as minimal. Depending on the patient’s ability to handle discomfort, treatment is far less painful than other nonsurgical procedures and is a huge improvement over the older technology that was used for circumferential reduction and cellulite treatment (bruising was much more common with this older technology). After a procedure, patients often say that they’ve had a deep tissue massage and/or gotten a sunburn. Some minimal bruising may happen while patients who are more sensitive may be sorer than others.

Any discomfort that arises is most often related to the exposure of heat sources, suctioning and rolling of the VelaShape™ machine. These three things are necessary to relax the skin and break down fat cells, bring them closer to the skin’s surface, and smooth the area. All of this is simultaneously performed so that the actual procedure is relatively fast.

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