Using the Lockdown as an Opportunity for Self Improvement


As a new way to socialize emerges, there are additional challenges that come along with it. There is also the downside of constantly on camera for work, which may have you starting to notice features about yourself that didn’t used to stand out before. The entire shift to online means we are constantly looking at our own faces onscreen.

It has resulted in what some Doctors are calling the “Zoom boom.” Medical practices have seen a 50% increase in demand for cosmetic treatments in downtown Toronto compared to before COVID-19.A condition like “Zoom dysmorphia,” a term published in International Journal of Women’s Dermatology earlier this year, is described as the urge that patients experience to get cosmetic treatments done in order to fix the imperfections they see on camera.

In the survey conducted on more than 100 dermatologists in the U.S., they found that almost 57% of Botox providers reported an increase in patients seeking consultations in comparison to before the pandemic, and 86% of their patients cited video-conferencing as a reason for wanting procedures like Botox, fillers and laser treatments.

According to Statistics Canada, fewer and fewer Canadians are reporting that they are in good mental health — from 68% in 2019 down to 55 % in 2020. Contributing factors such as lack of socialization, activities and exercise has also lead to a plethora of jokes about the “quarantine 15,” referring to their pandemic weight gain on social media. The pandemic and its disruptions have forced a deeper level of self-reflection from everyone. It forces people to stand still and look around at the things they are happy and unhappy with in their personal lives.

Self Improvement

Many are just trying their best to get through it, but there are a lot of people that also are using it to reinvent themselves, seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to grow and change for the better. There is always the hope that the smoke will clear and soon we can come out of this better than ever. It is that hope that people are using as motivation to mentally and physically improve themselves, so they will be ready for when we do open back up.

The lockdown provides a chance for us to try out the treatments you may have been hesitant about trying before; to help with self-confidence, and to do something for yourself. Many patients are looking into the body treatments, such as CoolSculpting® and EMSculpt®. This is primarily because these treatments work overtime, which many of us now find ourselves with an abundance of during this pandemic.

EMSculpt® for Self Improvement

A lot of women can feel burnt out and exhausted trying to see results at the gym, leading to further emotional problems. This process is discouraging, and usually results in patients breaking their routine altogether. On top of this challenge, gyms haven’t been consistently open to schedule workouts. EMSculpt® provides an opportunity to get that routine back, without being discouraged, because the before and after EMSculpt® results speak for themselves. The EMSculpt® treatment works best in combination with healthy eating and exercise but can still reveal killer results regardless. It is usually recommended that patients come in for 4 EMSculpt® treatments, each 48-hrs apart. The EMSculpt® treatment is the first non-invasive Health Canada approved body contouring treatment that burns fat and builds muscle. This treatment can have you leaving lockdown feeling fit and fabulous.

CoolSculpting® for Self Improvement

Another highly sought out treatment during this pandemic has been CoolSculpting®. As mentioned, with the quarantine and shut down of most gyms, people are struggling to exercise regularly – with one-third of Canadians reporting that they are less physically active than they were before COVID-19. Although you may not be able to get as good a workout at home, there is a treatment that is dedicated to eliminating fat in specific areas, in a way you can’t from at-home workouts. Rather than investing in a gym membership this year, stick to at-home workouts, and let CoolSculpting® eliminate those stubborn patches of fat.

One of the growing areas of popularity is CoolSculpting® to eliminate the double chin area. This specific area can carry stubborn patches of fat that you can’t get rid of by just going to the gym. This is also one of the areas that we notice most when we are on Zoom calls. CoolSculpting® offers an applicator specifically designed to target the patch of fat below the chin in order to achieve the best results for the area. The treatment works even after you have left your appointment, working to eliminate the fat cells over the following 8 weeks.  Check out the before and after CoolSculpting® chin photos below!

Ultimately, the feeling of success is important in order to make a proper commitment to self-care strategies. There is a lot of research that links our physical health to our mental health; if we do not feel great physically, it effects our mental stability. There are many activities you can do at home, and treatment options, to help you achieve the self-confidence you deserve during this pandemic. You can emerge from this lockdown better than ever by investing in yourself!



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