Do you have dry hair that’s prone to dullness, split ends and a serious case of the frizzies? A trendy hair salon in one of London’s ritziest neighbourhoods, Chelsea, has the solution for you: bull semen.

Bull semen is the key ingredient in the luxurious 45-minute spa treatment at the upscale salon. Combined with the root of the katera plant, this protein-packed treatment promises to repair, protect and moisturize lifeless hair, leaving it lush and glossy. After shampooing, the hair is gently massaged with the concoction and set under steam to allow for absorption, then blow dried to finish.

The treatment is praised for its ability to deeply penetrate every single hair shaft, delivering vital nourishment and moisture. While avocados and other ingredients have been tested, the owner of the salon swears that nothing is as effective as bull semen, and it appears that clients agree. The treatment has proven to be quite popular, despite its $100+ price tag. The charge for the treatment is justifiable; the semen is extracted from not just organically raised bulls, but pedigree Angus at that.

If you want to get your luxurious bull semen hair treatment, you’d better hurry – it’s only offered when the bull produces enough of it. And no, it doesn’t smell. The semen is studiously refrigerated before use to eliminate any scent.


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