Eczema Gets Worse in the Winter

One of our staff members writes about her eczema:

Dry air and freezing temperatures wreak havoc on skin, especially if you’ve got eczema. As an eczema sufferer myself, I find that as soon as temperatures drop consistently below 10 degrees Celsius, the skin on my arms and legs starts to itch incessantly and a number of red, scaly patches form. I also get it in a few spots on my face. Even when I can resist the temptation to scratch, these patches still remain red and quite obvious to anyone who’s within a foot away. My eczema got worse after having my first child.

Although I know eczema is a skin condition I have to live with for life, I have been able to keep it, along with the itchiness and redness, under control with SkinTx skincare products.

A select group of SkinTx products, featuring pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and formulas, can boost hydration levels in the skin and provide protection against the harsh elements of colder months. This helps in combatting eczema. If you’ve got eczema, here are some things that you should never do:

  • take long baths or showers, since it strips away essential oils in your skin
  • bathe, even for just a couple of minutes, in hot water for the same reason as above
  • wear itchy fabrics against naked skin, particularly wool
  • get stressed out
  • not get enough sleep


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