Coconut Water


Coconut Water to the Rescue!

You’d be surprised at how fast you can suffer from dehydration in the summer heat, which can contribute to the faster development of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Soaring temperatures and the blazing hot sun means your body is working overtime to keep cool while you’re outdoors, and it’s imperative you replenish lost body fluids with water.

But sometimes even water can’t quench your thirst. If you’re craving something that’ll seriously refresh you, try drinking natural and pure coconut water. This gift from the tropics has all of the good stuff your body needs to satiate your thirst and regulate your body’s physiological systems. While we don’t recommend cutting back on your water intake, coconut water can deliver the essential electrolytes, carbohydrates and minerals to replace what you’ve lost from sweating. A breakdown of the nutritional value in coconut water shows that one cup has way more potassium, protein and dietary fibre in it than a cup of the popular sports drink Gatorade – with less sugar!

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