Botox for Eczema Sufferers May Help

Do you have itchy skin (technically known as pruritus), or suffer from eczema? Botox may be the solution!

Research from Edinburgh University in Scotland has found that Botox may be able to resolve itchy skin and eczema. A female patient who suffered from itchy skin on her arms and torso for over a decade experienced a dramatic reduction in her symptoms following Botox injections administered in the affected areas. The effects lasted for six months! Treatment was also successful for another female patient who suffered from an itchy forehead for six years.

Researchers at the University of Jena in Germany have also conducted their own study on the effects of Botox on eczema. They found that Botox injections achieved a reduction in symptoms of eczema on the hands by 12 times.

Itchiness, pruritus and eczema are quite difficult to treat. Sufferers often do not respond well to treatments with current medications, particularly topical steroid creams. The cause of these skin conditions remains unknown, however it may be related to photo damage, hormones and genetics.

Botox injections are believed to help with itchiness and eczema in the same way it treats wrinkles – by inhibiting acetylcholine, a chemical that helps notify the muscles to contract. By inhibiting acetylcholine, itchiness decreased. More research is needed to validate results, however it is yet another ailment that Botox may help treat. We look forward to it!


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