Stop Eating Sugar For Weight Loss

Our customized weight loss program relies on giving your body the high quality protein it needs to amp up fat burning. It also cuts back your sugar consumption, which is a good thing. Here’s why:

1. Doctors have found that eating too much sugar can increase your risk for developing serious health concerns, including high blood pressure (by constricting blood vessels), high cholesterol (by increasing triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins), and heart disease (which results from high cholesterol levels). Excess sugar has also been found to exacerbate fatty liver disease by spiking insulin and driving fat into the liver cells, where it causes inflammation and scarring to cause liver cirrhosis.

2. When you consume sugar, insulin allows sugar into your cells. However, too much sugar decreases the effectiveness of insulin, so much so that it can no longer easily enter your cells. As a result, sugar starts pooling in the body elsewhere, in a place that renders it toxic.

3. Your immune system is suppressed when you consume a lot of sugar, so your defence mechanisms against sicknesses become weaker.

4. Sugar speeds up the aging process by suppressing the release of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone helps us perform a number of beneficial processes, including increasing bone density and muscle mass as well as decreasing body fat.

So the next time you get a sugar craving, remember these things. Eating smaller meals throughout the day that are rich with protein can help stop cravings.


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