Jawline Filler – How to Get a Jawline – Chin Fillers

Jawline Filler – How to Get a Jawline – Chin Fillers

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Many people are unsatisfied with the appearance of their jawline or chin often wish to add definition to that area. Juvederm Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that was specifically designed for the chin and jawline. It’s used to improve facial harmony and double chins to give a stronger and more defined jawline and provides a nonsurgical solution. Soft-looking chins and jaws can be caused by both age and genetics, and Juvederm Volux adds definition, symmetry, balance, or contour to this area, especially in profile.  

What is Jawline Filler?

Jawline fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA) gels that get infused into the skin. They give volume and replenish the hyaluronic acid in your chin, hydrating it. The two HA fillers available at Skin Vitality are Juvederm and Teosyal.

Jaw filler can diminish the presence of hanging, loose skin, and bone misfortune around the jaw. They can be utilized to: decrease the impacts related to lost volume as a result of aging or give the lower portion of the face a more oval-looking structure or square out the jaw, if that is the desired look. There is also the opportunity to balance a lopsided facial structure, reinforce or add structure to the jaw, and create a solid base for the face. This all depends on the results the patient is expecting to see.

How to Get a Better Jawline?

Men can get that “mighty jaw” with a jaw contouring treatment that restores strength and structure to the chin area. Male jaw fillers can:

  • Create a square-looking, chiseled jaw
  • Improve jawbone structure and support the face
  • Fix a double chin
  • Enlarge weak, thin, or narrow jawlines
  • Restore the look of strength to the jawline

A well-defined male jaw is characterized by significant volume in the masseter muscle, which makes the back of the cheek appear curved and pronounced. This creates a masculine look by providing angular definition to the facial structure.

Fillers improve a man’s natural bone structure when placed in strategic locations like the side of the jaw and chin. This creates a much more structured and sleek look. By injecting dermal fillers into the angle of the jaw, the jaw line is pushed forward to create highly structured lines.

Chin Filler Before & After

What Happens During a Jawline Filler Treatment?

Before the treatment, you need to go through a FREE virtual or in-clinic consultation to have a clear idea of the results you would like to achieve. If you are contemplating having a more dramatic jawline, the medical injector may recommend doing a series of treatments to provide a subtle change over time. Before undergoing the treatment, a qualified injector will carry out a preliminary examination to assess the condition of your jaw.

A usual filler appointment can take anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the amount of product being used. Before the injection, your medical injector will apply a numbing cream to ensure the treatment is not painful. You may feel some pinches as the treatment is being done, which is very normal. Your injector will do their absolute best to make sure your treatment is as painless as possible. As soon as your treatment is over, you will be able to get right back to your everyday activities. Your medical injector will ensure you know the proper after-care before leaving the clinic.

What are Chin Fillers?

Jaw fillers provide a very similar effect to face-lifts, except it does not involve surgery. The difference is that jaw fillers are an injectable product, which involves a simple treatment with a quick recovery. With a face lift, it requires going under the knife, follow up medications and usually a long and painful recovery. Dermal fillers contain a hyaluronic acid gel, which is injected along the jawline and into the surrounding areas of soft tissue, just under the skin.

Jawline fillers are provided by companies like Juvederm and Teosyal, specifically designed to enhance the desired area. The type of filler specified by Juvederm for the chin is otherwise known as Juvederm Volux. Filler in the jawline usually lasts anywhere from 6 – 12 months, depending on how your body metabolizes the product. At this point the patient may want to come in for a follow up appointment to re-volumize or assess their results moving forward.

What are the Benefits of Chin Fillers?

As we age, we lose bone mass in the skull causing our cheeks and faces to deflate and resulting in facial fat dropping downwards with gravity. This bone loss occurs in the jaw meaning that the lower face can develop saggy and loose skin with no tension in them. This can cause the chin to look more square and the neck to become looser thus causing the appearance of a double chin. 

Jaw filler can be used to: 

  • Reduce the effects of volume loss as a result of aging in the lower face 
  • Creating a more oval-looking jawline 
  • Reducing the appearance of jowls 
  • Contouring the jawline, creating a sharper appearance 
  • Balancing an asymmetrical jawline 
  • Strengthening and adding proportion to the chin 
  • Providing a strong foundation and frame for the face 

Chin & Jawline Enhancement Near Me

Chin and jawline enhancement can be performed on patients of all ages. It is a popular treatment in younger patients who genetically suffer from a weaker jaw or chin, and also popular in older patients who have lost the elasticity and strength of their jawline as a result of ageing. It is often recommended to address cheeks before the jawline is addressed to ensure that the tissues in the face have enough support. 

Jaw filler have results that are immediately visible and are semi-permanent, with results lasting as long as 2 years. You may start to notice results diminishing in 9 to 12 months post-treatment; thus, refresher injections are important to maintain and prolong the effects. You can help maintain the effects of jaw filler by: 

  • Avoiding UV light and protecting your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen 
  • Moisturizing your skin regularly 
  • Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking water 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet 
  • Reducing stress levels 

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JUVEDERM® Volux Dermal Filler

Volux allows us to achieve incredible result in the lower part of the face. As we get older, the bone volume in our jaw and chin begin to decrease, resulting in less definition, structure and support. Although genetics also play a role, some people natural have a weaker jawline or skin. Juvederm Volux is another hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that is specifically designed for us in the chin and jawline. The thick hyaluronic gel adds volume, structure, and support in the jawline and chin to create a more defined, chiseled, and sculpted look within a matter of minutes.

Volux can give you the youthful contour look in the face without surgery. For the majority of people, the first place that is affected by the effects of gravity and volume loss is the jawline and the chin area. The smooth curves and definition of the lower face get replaced with jowls and saggy skin as a result of time and age, and Juvederm Volux jaw and chin fillers serves as the perfect fix for this. In fact, the biggest reason patients want filler to contour their jawline is to counteract the effects of ageing. 

Although chin filler may not sound as exciting getting lip or cheek injections, more and more people are requesting this facial augmentation treatment. The rise in facial contouring in makeup has also simultaneously sparked an increase in popularity of chin filler, to achieve a semi-permanent result. Optimizing the chin helps significantly with creating definition in the lower third of the face. In combination with the cheeks and jawline, it creates the much-desired heart-shape face that many people seek. 

Benefits of JUVEDERM Volux

Juvéderm Volux is made explicitly for the jaw and jawline. It’s included in a special, concentrated hyaluronic acid recipe as a thick homogenized gel. Once infused, Volux will “set” and duplicate the presence of bone in both look and feel.

Jaw fillers are gels that are injected into the skin that provide volume and stimulate hyaluronic acid and the production of collagen. This lessens the appearance of sagging, baggy skin and loss of bone around the jaw which is extremely beneficial to eliminate the appearance of a double chin. The jaw filler procedure is nonsurgical, meaning it’s a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is done by an experienced and licensed professional at Skin Vitality. When injected precisely and strategically along the lower jaw, it creates a defined separation between the jawline and neck. This gives the face a sharper angle, creating a subtly skinnier appearance that does not look excessive. 

Jawline Filler For Men

A solid, square facial structure has consistently been important for those wanting to achieve a more ‘manly’ look. Juvederm Volux is an incredible treatment for men and women looking for a more articulated jawline.

Chiseled jawlines have gotten a lot more attention in the last couple of years, and men have become more mindful of the advantages that emerge from having superficial improvements done. Most people fear getting cosmetic surgery due to complications, medications, and expenses. This is why more and more men are turning to Juvederm to achieve the striking facial features they are looking for. Jawline fillers make it easier for men to subtly improve their look without breaking the bank.


We perform thousands of injections every year – so many that we are the top provider of Botox® and Juvéderm® injectable treatments in Toronto and Canada. We also perform more CoolSculpting®, PRP Hair Restoration®, Sculptra®, EMSculpt® and Fraxel® treatments than any other providers in the country! Our doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered practical nurses have injected over 5 MILLION patients in the last 15 years. If you are looking for the best Jawline Filler results in Toronto, you have come to the right place!

What Are the Side Effects of Chin & Jawline Fillers

The risks are very low, however some mild swelling and bruising post-treatment for a few days can be expected. Volux can feel slightly more tender than other injectables within the Juvederm family, however this effect is very minor and short-lived. As Juvederm Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, it can be dissolved if you are not content with the results acquired. 

The effects of aging are inevitable, however there are many solutions that are achievable through cosmetic treatments. If you are unhappy with the sagginess and appearance of your jawline and chin, Juvederm Volux injections are an amazing solution to achieve or bring back a chiseled and sharp jawline. This minimally invasive non-surgical procedure is recognized and loved for the confidence boost that it gives to many. 

Who is a Candidate for Chin Filler?

Anyone who wants a better profile can consider chin filler. The filler can be placed on the underside of the chin to elongate the area and help achieve stronger jawline definition. The injection of filler to the back part o the chin will also help with the support of the jowls and to prevent a frowning or angry appearance as a result of the down-turning of the lip muscles. 

The treatment itself is very quick, involving a series of deep injections of Juvederm Volux dermal filler directly into the chin. The placement of these injections will vary and depend on your personal facial shape and the appearance that you are looking to achieve. Each filler treatment will be different depending on the contour and shape that is desired. Depending on the patients’ personal pain threshold, the treatment itself ranges from slightly uncomfortable to slight pinching and pain with the injections. Topical numbing cream may be used to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

How Do Hyaluronic Fillers work?

The primary ingredient of Juvederm Volux injections is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a substance that loves water, making it the perfect ingredient as your skin is made up of about 70% water. An injection of Juvederm Volux into the chin or problem area of the face introduces fresh HA into your skin. This injection works to address wrinkles, facial contours, enhance the size and shape of the jaw and can smooth our scars and indentations. Juvederm injections are also very beneficial for aging skin by simply replacing the amount of HA that has been lost with each passing year.

Once injected, the HA molecules then bind with the water that is naturally present in your skin, causing it to swell. The swelling causes your skin to become plump, which in exchange fills out all of those unwanted wrinkles, creases and noticeable hollows within the face. The injections also improve the overall moisture levels in your skin, which is something that older patients tend to appreciate. The higher the moisture levels, the more vibrant and healthier your complexion will be.

Jawline & Chin Filler Conclusion:

Sagging or droopy skin is a common concern for many people as they get older, especially near the bottom of the face. It can lead to an unattractive look, and it can lead to an insecurity that stops you from living your life. If your jawline is sagging, you should consider getting a cheek filler or a jawline filler to give you a more prominent, lifted jawline. As well as providing your face with a lifted, defined look, jaw fillers also have the ability to naturally lift and contour the face, without the need for makeup. While a face-lift may be an option, it is expensive, requires downtime and a painful recovery. Whereas, a little bit of cheek filler, or even a smaller, more discreet jaw filler, could make a world of difference to your appearance.   

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Jawline Filler NEAR ME

Skin Vitality Toronto is our fourth location in Southwestern Ontario. This Toronto medical spa is just one of our 9 locations. Not located in Toronto? No problem! We offer dermal fillers across the GTA; browse through the clinics below to find a location near you! 

Jawline Filler Mississauga is offered at our Mississauga clinic, located around the Port Credit area.

Jawline Filler Oakville is available at our Oakville clinic, located beside the Harper’s Landing on Cornwall Road.

Jawline Richmond Hill is offered at our Richmond Hill location, just North of the 407, in the LCBO Plaza, a few stores down from the Shoppers Drug Mart.

Jawline Filler Ajax is available at our Ajax clinic, located in the Westney Heights Plaza, just North of the 401.

Jawline Filler Stoney Creek Hamilton is offered at our Stoney Creek, Hamilton location, a couple of minutes from the QEW, at the intersection of Fruitland Rd and Barton St.

Jawline Filler London, Ontario is available at our London clinic, located within the Starbucks, No Frills and Shopper’s Drug Mart Plaza on the northeast corner of Fanshawe Park Rd. W.

Jawline Filler Kitchener Waterloo is offered at our Kitchener location, just north of the 401 in the Deer Run area.


It is important to know that there are various factors that can influence the longevity of the chin filler, including; where the filler is on your face, how much is injected, or the speed in which your body metabolizes the filler material. Most people who want touch-up treatments will have them every 6-12 months. However, modifications to existing filler injections from Skin Vitality Medical need to wait 2 weeks for the results to take full effect before modifying the jawline area.

Teosyal is one of the longest lasting hyaluronic acid injectable fillers on the market. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments are not permanent, but you can expect results to last between 6-9 months and usually up to 22 months.

No and yes. No, jawline filler is not intended to make your face seem larger. In most cases, it can actually slim your face by replacing lost volume. Or it can create volume where you have never had it before, which is how jawline filler is able to correct double chins. If injected correctly, jawline filler should add a chiseled look to your face, making your jawline appear more defined.

However, ‘overfilled’ faces or the wrong placement of fillers can lead to an unnatural appearance and make your face appear chubby or larger than you are.

Yes. Experience medical injectors have been using chin fillers for years to correct the signs of aging. Dermal jawline fillers are useful to restore the look of collagen and elastin, which are two substances you lose over time. They are responsible for plumping the skin up. By injecting the jawline with filler, the chin will appear both tighter and lifted.

Each chin filler treatment will be different depending on the new contour and shape you want to achieve. It also depends on your pain threshold; most of our patients would describe it as an uncomfortable feeling, not necessarily painful. Our highly trained medical injectors use a topical anesthetic cream prior to injection to to make sure the treatment is as comfortable as possible.


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