How to Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin this Spring

So how can you achieve this radiant glow without compromising the health of your skin?

This is a great question – a naturally glowing complexion is usually a sign of healthy skin. Unfortunately, methods that quickly bring out that glow, such as tanning, can cause long term damage to your skin. Other factors can also wear out the look of your complexion, such as lack of sleep, stress, what you eat and the worst factor of all: our skin naturally gets thinner with age.

Luckily, as the demand for a lasting glow increases, beauty experts are coming out with alternate solutions to restore a healthy light to dull skin. The following 3 are our top picks on how to achieve a radiant glow without compromising the health of your skin.

Vivier GrenzCine™ Sērum

This Sērum was specifically formulated to increase the thickness of your skin. With the depletion of collagen and elastin levels, your skin gets thinner and weaker, leading to a variety of complexion issues. The Sērum is designed with a slow release, containing no oil or alcohol. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and clinically proven to work.

Vivier recommends combining the GrenzCine™ Sērum with a C + E Peptides to see the full effects. The Peptide Serum specifically helps to repair existing photodamage, correct the skin’s response to oxidative stress, nourish dehydrated skin and protect against ultraviolet ray damage. Using the two in combination leads to increased firmness, improvements in hydration, increased glow, reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the enhancement of skin tone, texture and elasticity. Both products are available in our eStore.


Preventative skin care will help prevent the depletion of collagen and protect against further damage from environmental factors. Speaking of protection, the second measure you can take to get glowing skin has everything to do with it.

Colorescience® EnviroScreen Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Glow

In order to shield your skin from the sun, daily SPF is a must. A tan can give you a wonderful summer glow but it can also cause lasting damage that can rob you of that radiance down the road. Colorescience® has come up with the perfect solution to give you a boost of luminosity while simultaneously protecting your skin: Face Shield SPF 50 Glow. Powered by EnviroScreen® Technology, this hydrating, antioxidant-rich mineral protector features a pearlescent illuminating glow to deliver a healthy, lit-from-within look.

Colorescience recommends wearing the product just by itself or mixed in with other cosmetic products. It can also be layered with your moisturizer to cover the neck and shoulder area for full protection and a seamless finish. To customize your look, Colorescience® offers the Face Shield Glow or the Face Shield Bronze to add an additional level of bronze.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial (Vampire Facial)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the most popular skin rejuvenating treatments in the world, endorsed by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian. The treatment works to boost collagen production to give you smoother, firmer skin, ease inflammation and redness, brighten your skin and bring out your skin’s glow.

PRP is a non-invasive treatment that involves taking a small amount of blood from the patient using a proprietary tube. This tube then goes for centrifugation (spinning), so that the red cells and granulocytes are separated from the plasma. The platelet concentrate and plasma that remains are then collected into a syringe, which is used to treat the patient. Small injection sites are made around the face and the average patient experiences little to no pain at all!

If you are after that radiant glow then you may want to think about combining these three options to achieve the best results. The first two skin care options work topically; your skin is your biggest organ, absorbing the serums and gaining optimal protection from the sun with SPF products. This last treatment works from below the surface, bringing out your glow from within by using your own platelets!


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