Fraxel For Scars

Do you have scars that have not responded to other skin rejuvenation treatments? If so, you’ll probably find Fraxel® Toronto a lifesaver, because it actually has the ability to achieve what it says it can – minimize and erase the appearance of unsightly scars!

Fraxel® is a nonablative laser delivering energy in fractionated form, which is essentially like microscopic columns. It causes the remodelling of new collagen by the gentle warming of the skin’s dermal and a portion of the epidermal layers. This collagen growth fills in any atrophic scars that exist, thereby achieving a more uniformly smooth texture that harmoniously blends with the surrounding unaffected skin. It is particularly effective in the treatment of acne scars and can be used for those resulting from trauma and surgery as well.  The FDA has approved Fraxel® skin resurfacing for these indications.

A Note For After Fraxel® Treatment
After a Fraxel® treatment, remember to apply plenty of moisturizer. A brand of moisturizer may be recommended to you by our medical aestheticians and nurses, as not all are compatible with treatment. You’ll need to find something that has been designed to deliver the intense hydration required following this skin resurfacing treatment.

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