Exercise oh no not again!

Exercise – if your like me you cringe at the word. Being active is hard! There are so many things that get in the way:

  • working late
  • getting up early
  • getting home to try to make dinner
  • doing chores around the house

and then before you know it’s too late and your wrecked. The weekend rolls around and you think, “I’ll get to go for a walk or a bike ride,” but then you have to do the week’s grocery shopping, catch up on the laundry and clean the house…and then it’s Monday again and you got no exercise.

Here are a list of everyday activities and the amount of calories you burn off doing them. So, if your eating healthy but can’t make it to the gym, don’t worry! Just put a bit more effort into your daily tasks and you’ll burn more calories.

Zipping up and down the aisles with the shopping trolley for an hour burns around 240 calories, bag your own bags and drop the trolley back with add in a few extra.

Cleaning all the tables, shelves and ordinates with the duster for 30mins uses about 80 calories.

Burn about 75 calories getting the wrinkles out of your clothes all in 30mins.

Cleaning the floors with a mop will work off roughly 150 calories in 30mins.

Mowing the lawn
Using a push lawn mower an hour to cutting the grass will burn off around 400calories.

30mins of shoveling snow is worth about 200 Calories! Who says winter is all bad :)

Cleaning the Car
Washing the car with a bucket and hose uses around 100 calories. No excuse for a dirty car now.

Get out an gardening for an hour will burn off 300+ calories depending on how much you do.

Carrying groceries upstairs
258 calories (89 calories/10 minutes)





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