Everything You Need to Know About Jawline Filler

Over the past decade, the collective desire for increased facial definition has been firmly on the up. Seen on social media and the most followed famous faces, it all started with prominent cheek bones, then voluptuous lips, and now the defined chin and jawline. Genetically, some people have a naturally small or weak jawbone or chin. For other, as we age, the bone volume in our jaw and chin begins to decrease. We lose definition, structure and support over time. We lose bone in our skull – our cheeks deflate which means that facial fat drops downwards with gravity. 

Luckily, there is a fix that has been on the rise! Jawline Contouring and Chin Filler is a treatment performed with precise dermal filler injections to create a more defined, chiseled, and sculpted jawline within a matter of minutes. Whether you would like a more distinct jawline for a wider, stronger appearance or a clearly defined angle to make you face appear slimmer and more refined, your treatment will be personalized according to your desired aesthetic results. Check out that before and after!


Juvéderm® Jaw fillers can add definition, symmetry, balance, or contour to this area, especially in profile. With Juvederm Volux we now have the ability to achieve these incredible in the lower face. Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that was specifically designed to use in the chin and jawline. It can be used to improve facial harmony by strengthening the jawline and chin, to soften jowls, improve double chins, or to give a stronger and more defined jawline. It provides volume and stimulate hyaluronic acid or collagen production in the face, ultimately lessening the appearance of sagging, baggy skin, and bone loss around the jaw. 

What to Expect With Juvéderm® Jawline Fillers

In only a 30 minute, minimally invasive treatment session, you can achieve you desired aesthetic results and say goodbye to any issues you have with your jawline and chin. Whether you are interested in a subtle natural look or dramatic results, your Jawline Contouring and Chin Filler Treatment will be fully customized to your existing facial anatomy and desired aesthetic results! Watch the video below to learn more about how this treatment works!

Jaw Filler Can be Used to: 

  • Reduce the effects of age-related volume loss in the lower face 
  • Create a more oval-looking jawline 
  • Reduce the appearance of jowls 
  • Contour the jawline, giving it a sharper appearance 
  • Balance an asymmetrical jawline 
  • Strengthen or add proportion to the chin 
  • Provide a strong foundation and frame for the face 

Benefits of Jawline Filler: 

  • Increased volume 
  • More defined neck 
  • Slimmer jawline 


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Free Virtual Consultation from the privacy of your own home or FREE in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team.