Toronto Botox treatment only works on dynamic wrinkles. But what is a “dynamic wrinkle” anyway?

This type of wrinkle is a crease in the skin that has been created by the repeated action of the muscles in the area located underneath. For example, whenever you frown you’ll probably notice that your forehead moves to form this expression, along with your brows and your eyes. Vertical lines appear between your brows. These, called glabellar lines, are only formed by the action of frowning (and perhaps other expressions). When you’re young, wrinkles between your eyebrows only appear when you frown. However, with the decreasing levels of collagen and elastin as you age, plus the harmful effects of the environment (especially prolonged sun exposure), the skin can no longer smooth out after every frown, and a permanent wrinkle results. Imagine folding a piece of paper, then flattening it out again. The more you fold it, the more the crease becomes visible.

With a tiny bit of Botox, the muscles responsible for creating the offending wrinkle relax, so the skin can no longer be creased. This results in a gradual smoothing out of the skin overlying the muscle. The more Botox injection treatments you get, the smoother the skin becomes (the accurate timing of treatments is essential to achieve the ideal rejuvenating results, and will be determined by your Botox injector).


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