Botox is the New (Not-So-Secret) Normal


Since the FDA approved the neurotoxin Botox® in 2002, millions and millions of men and women have made it a regular part of their skincare routines, often pairing it with other injectables: dermal fillers such as Juvederm® and fat-cell-zappers such as Belkyra®. For decades these treatments have been clouded in secrecy, but in 2021, transparency has become a way of life for influencers, real-talk corporate types and direct-to-consumer retailers. Given this new interest in honesty, it’s no surprise that people of all ages are finally talking about their dermatologist visits. 

In the past, the stigma surrounding Botox® had to do with many people’s perception of “bad” Botox®. Frozen facial expressions gave the impression to those uneducated that any injection or cosmetic treatment would result in unrealistic facial features. To others, they feared what the procedure portrays to others. People want to present themselves as naturally beautiful and “real” – that it’s more attractive to others. With the recent surge in honesty and transparency surrounding cosmetic treatments, people are adopting a different attitude about it. 

Watch this video to learn more about how Botox® can help you age flawlessly:


Cosmetic dermatology used to be swathed in secrecy in avoidance of the previous stigma surrounding it, but thanks to celebrities’ honesty and the Gen Z obsession with transparency, there’s no longer any shame in owning up to it for many people. 

There have been many explanations for perfect, seemingly ageless skin. They drink a lot of water, have a ten-step skin care routine, swear by foods and vitamins that they consume, or just have really good genes. Whether these coy comments come from celebrities from the front page of a glossy magazine, your friends, colleagues and even family members, they sometimes conceal the fact that vigorous treatments by dermatologists helped to achieve the “perfection”. 


The results of Botox® are making people love how they look. Their skin is suddenly smooth, forehead and frown lines blurred, making people look and feel younger and ultimately more confident. The results of Botox® pay off so well that it becomes a staple in beauty maintenance routines – sometimes as essential as upkeeping highlights in hair and never skipping a manicure. Additionally, there are so many things that Botox® can treat other than just wrinkles. There shouldn’t be any shame in looking and feeling good, and more and more people have been realizing this.  The before and after Botox® photos speak for themselves!

Botox® Treatments: 

  • Used to treat multiple eye conditions, such as strabismus and blepharospasm 
  • Inhibits sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating 
  • Migraine relief 
  • Used to treat neck spasms 
  • Reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles 
  • Fixing “gummy smile” 
  • Lip Flip 



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