Sagging Eyelids

Age, genetics, stress and lack of sleep all take a toll on the eyes, in many cases leading to the development of baggy or drooping eyelids. Luckily, advances in cosmetic medicine have provided sufferers of baggy eyelids with a number of effective treatments that can reverse this common problem, like Thermi250 Toronto treatment and Laser Skin Tightening treatment.


Baggy eyelids are a regularly occurring condition that affect nearly everyone as they grow older. When we’re young our eyelids possess a fullness and smoothness that aging skin is unable to maintain. Just as the rest of our face and body succumbs to wrinkles and sagging, so too do our eyes. Once collagen and elastin levels in the skin’s layers have begun to dissipate a decrease in eyelid volume and texture becomes noticeable and we are left with tired, droopy looking eyelids.


Two of the most popular treatment options for baggy eyelids are skin tightening with lasers and skin resurfacing with Thermi250®. Both methods make use of advanced laser technology in order to resurface and revitalize the eyelids. Laser Skin Tightening combines bipolar radio frequency (RF) waves and light energy through sophisticated elos technology in order to heat the skin of the eyelids and stimulate collagen production in the inner layers of the skin. Once the skin is able to create higher levels of collagen it begins to naturally revitalize itself.

After laser skin tightening treatment the eyelids become fuller and tighter and patients are able to enjoy a more youthful and energetic look. Procedures are almost entirely pain-free and require little recovery time due to the highly accurate nature of the el?s technology used in operation.

Thermi250® also makes use of incredibly precise lasers to treat baggy eyelids. Thermi250 is able to accomplish this by boosting collagen remodelling and regrowth processes, giving the skin the catalyst it needs to revitalize itself on a deep level.

Both Laser Skin Tightening and Thermi250® are able to resolve the common problem of baggy eyelids without requiring that a patient undergoes risky, painful and recovery-intensive surgery. By taking advantage of the latest advancements in laser technology no one needs to suffer from the drastic toll that baggy eyelids take on their look.