An even, uniform skin tone is the basic element of beautiful skin. Discolouration, blotching, pigmentation and other common problems all distract from a vibrant and healthy appearance.

By taking advantage of these five top skin secrets, you can achieve an even tone to look your best.

1. Hydration

Water is at the heart of skin health. Our skin cells — the foundation of every aspect of our skin’s appearance — simply can’t function properly without having enough hydration to power themselves. Drinking enough water and applying moisturizers gives your body what it needs to create great skin tone and ward off the development of tonal problems.

2. Sun Control

We don’t always think of sun damage when we think of skin tone but the influence of ultraviolet rays cannot be understated. Along with water, sun exposure is one of the most powerful factors involved in healthy skin tone. Excessive sun damage can lead to a number of problems that damage a healthy tone. Wrinkles, the development of discolouration and/or age spots and an overall increase in dryness are all issues related to the sun.

3. Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Medical grade chemical peels give you the ability to resurface your skin while assisting your body in the regeneration of healthy tissue. The GloTherapeutics line of products is one of the top options currently on the market and consists of a wide array of specialized peels. Consult with your physician to find the best chemical peels for your needs to easily enjoy an improved skin tone.

4. Laser Skin Resurfacing

Advances in cosmetic medicine have made it possible to treat even the most severe skin tone issues with ease. Laser skin resurfacing is now safer and more effective than ever before. Treatments like FotoFacial RF Pro® and Fraxel® use sophisticated laser systems to promote even texture and tone for all skin types. Pigmentation, age/liver spots and many other tonal conditions can all be dramatically reduced with laser skin resurfacing.

5. Topical Products

The tone of our skin can be greatly affected by taking advantage of powerful, daily-use topical products like those found in the VivierSkin Signature Anti-Aging Program is one of the most effective treatment plans currently on the market. It consists of a series of products that work together to target specific skin issues (like discolouration, the appearance of veins and more) in order to revitalize the skin while simultaneously correcting underlying problems.

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