7 Ways Drinking Water Helps Keep Your Skin Beautiful

We all know that drinking the appropriate amount of water is essential for staying healthy but we don’t always think of just how great it can be for our skin. The skin benefits available from keeping well hydrated are many, however, and this makes water a natural keystone that cannot be understated when looking for the best methods for maintaining a beautiful, healthy and youthful appearance.

1. Keep Skin Tighter

Toronto Skin Tightening treatment can help make the skin tighter and reduce wrinkles, but don’t forget to drink water, too!Water is necessary for helping the body in fuelling its natural functions, from cell production to nutrient delivery and muscle retention. Without access to an adequate level of hydration, skin cells cannot perform many of the essential tasks they’re responsible for — like producing the collagen and elastin that serves to maintain firm, healthy skin. The skin has a tighter and healthier appearance when enough hydration is able to reach these cells because water can act as a vehicle for nutrients and provide cells with the fuel they need to maintain their proper shape. Our muscles are also made up of approximately 70-75% water. When ample hydration isn’t available, muscle building and retention can’t reach adequate levels. Obviously not all of us are aiming to look like bodybuilders, but we do want the muscles in our body to be strong enough that sagginess and drooping doesn’t occur.

2. Reduce Oily Skin

Toronto Chemical Peels can help balance moisture levels in dry or oily skin. Here’s how water helps:Our skin produces oil naturally through our sebaceous glands but, when these glands become overactive, too much oil can result in unpleasant skin texture and a higher risk of acne breakouts. There are many different factors that go into the skin’s oil production (like hormonal shifts, climate, menstruation or diet) but one fact remains the same: properly hydrated skin cells are less likely to overly secrete oil. Dehydration is considered to be one of the biggest factors involved in excessive oil production and, because of this, it makes good sense not to neglect water intake when concerned with taking steps to reduce consistently oily skin. Being sure to drink enough water is a small, natural step that can yield big, noticeable results for those of us prone to oily skin.

3. Ward Off Dryness

Juvéderm Toronto replaces lost supplenes by binding to present water in the skin. Without proper hydration, it’s very easy for our skin cells to begin aging prematurely. Since skin cells are primarily composed of water, they require ample amounts of it in order to function properly. Dehydration will manifest itself in the skin by the outward layers eventually becoming flaky, dry and less resilient to the natural wear and tear of daily life. By coupling ample hydration with effective, topical moisturizers, the skin is able to maintain proper water levels in the cells and, ultimately, slow the development of negative effects. It’s also worth noting that many dermatologists advise that water intake be limited mainly to the daytime as late night hydration (anything within roughly two hours of going to bed) can lead to a puffier appearance in morning hours. Take this tip into consideration and increase your water intake in order to minimize skin dryness.

4. Reduce Acne

Acne is a problem that can accompany us throughout our lives and, while we’re quick to rush out and buy the latest scrub or facial cleanser, most of us don’t consider just how much water can work to improve this aggravating condition. Water is able to flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body, affecting organs that contribute to acne formation like the liver and the stomach. When the body is dehydrated, these toxins build up in our digestive system and liver and cannot be properly expelled. This leads to an accumulation that eventually begins to excrete itself through our pores — leading to blockage and the development of unsightly acne. When the liver is able to effectively filter out toxins that pass through it, our body doesn’t need to release them through the skin and acne is reduced. SkinTX Skincare Treatments Toronto can help expedite results, while drinking water will maintain them.

5. Improve Tone and Texture

The tone and texture of our skin can be improved by making sure that we drink adequate amounts of water too. By giving our skin cells the fuel they need to carry out important natural processes, they become more able to function at their best. Skin cells are inherently able to perform vital tasks associated with healthy skin — like producing the elastin and collagen necessary for maintaining even tone and texture — but, when enough water isn’t available, they’re unable to work properly and these processes diminish in effectiveness. Dehydration can force skin cells to shrink and lose form, becoming less plump and, eventually, saggy. Giving your body enough water allows the skin to avoid suffering from those deficiencies that cause premature wrinkling and uneven texture. Water also serves to improve circulation, something that works to lower the appearance of bloating and puffiness. Skin tone and texture can be drastically improved by something as simple as increasing your water intake to proper levels.

6. Reduce Discolouration

Even though we discussed tone in general above, it’s still worth noting how powerful a force proper hydration can be in the elimination of skin discolouration and disorders, something Fraxel Toronto treatment can help achieve. Proper water intake is able to power skin cells so that they’re more effective in ridding the layers of the skin of improper pigmentation. Many tonal disorders can come about as the result of accumulated toxins that affect the skin’s ability to regulate itself. Water, along with powering cellular processes, also serves in flushing out these toxins and ridding the skin of the impurities that can lead to discolouration. This can help with reducing blotchiness, dark under eye circles and many other conditions that make the skin less vibrant and attractive. Proper hydration has even been shown to assist in the treatment of disorders as severe as psoriasis, a phenomenon that serves as a great demonstration of just how powerful the effects of regular water intake can be.

7. Ward Off Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the most dreaded signs of aging and, naturally, we all want to do anything we can to make sure they don’t develop prematurely (or too severely). Dehydrated skin cells cannot hold their shape, as previously noted, and this lack of shape causes the layers of our skin to sag and lose form, leading to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Undernourished skin cells also lack the tools they need to create the elastin and collagen fibres that make the skin appear healthy and radiant. By drinking plenty of water, you’re able to stave off the development of the skin creases that come about, in large part, from a lack of internal and external moisture. The formation of wrinkles also occurs when skin cells are unable to gain access to proper nourishment from vitamins and minerals. These tools are transported throughout the body by water and, if the body is dehydrated, they cannot reach cells. The cells then begin to lose their rigid structure and shape, allowing wrinkles and lines to form.

Venus Freeze can help reduce wrinkles as well.By making sure to drink proper amounts of water, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin without spending a dime. Bring a bottle of water with you while at work and keep a glass at hand around the house to act as a helpful reminder and to ensure that you don’t fall victim to dehydration. Of all the general health benefits offered by ample water intake, great-looking skin is one of the most noticeable — and one that you’re sure to be grateful for.