Vitamin C and B To Help You Deal With Stress

Vitamin B Complex (made up of all the B vitamins including riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid and niacin) and Vitamin C are essential for a healthy diet. Research has found that both are beneficial for you, especially when you’re under pressure and seriously stressed out…like how you feel about now, probably! Vitamin B gives you a boost by better converting glucose into energy and allows you to deal with stress better by improving nervous system function. Vitamin C helps by fighting off infection and improving the rate of healing, which is why it’s also commonly found in products that help you recover following photofacial rejuvenation and other skin care treatments.

So, if you’re working, shopping, cleaning, cooking, and preparing for get togethers and dinners this holiday season, make sure you get your B and C vitamins through your diet or by taking supplements. You can also get a pure form of these vitamins delivered right to your system with IV Therapy.

Great sources of Vitamin B Complex (which is, consequently, also referred to as the “stress vitamin”). Not all have every B Vitamin in them, but many have more than one.

whole grains
green vegetables

Great sources of Vitamin C


If you’re hosting a dinner party, don’t forget to add some of these foods to the menu!


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