How Is Botox Measured? And How Much Botox Will I Need?

Botox is measured by units. One unit of Botox refers to the defined amount of biological activity of the drug. Botox is measured in this manner so that the strength can be kept within a narrow, uniform range. Botox units are then reconstituted (diluted) with sterile saline. Once reconstituted, the liquid can be drawn and injected.

How many units of Botox will I need? There is no simple, straight forward answer. Different unit amounts are required for different wrinkles. Variables such as age, facial muscle strength, wrinkle depth, and gender play a role in determining how many units are suitable for a specific treatment area.

A consultation with a Skin Vitality Registered Nurse is required in on order to determine the correct dosage amount for a patient’s specific needs and desired effect.  Although every patient is different, the following chart illustrates common unit dosing per treatment area.

While not all Botox patients are the same, for many, Botox units last about three to four months before its effects wear off. Re-dosing is recommended before your treatment has completely worn off, this will lead to longer lasting, more effective wrinkle reduction.

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