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Health Tip: Walking with Weights


Walking is one of the best exercises to keep fit, especially when your joints may not be able to handle too much jumping or jarring movement. Why not optimize the positive effects on your health from that daily stroll around the neighbourhood by adding light weights? Doing so will not only improve the benefits of this exercise, but also keep it challenging enough that you won’t have to increase your walking time (a great tip for people who can barely fit even 30 minutes of exercise into their hectic schedules!).

A recent study, conducted by a Louisiana doctor on a group of male and female participants whom all had type 2 Diabetes, has found that adding light weights can dramatically improve the benefits of a walk. The added resistance can help build muscle fibres.

While walking is a great exercise, it should be complemented by more intensive weight training to build and maintain muscle fibres – important for people with type 2 Diabetes because muscle is what consumes the most blood sugar and helps regulate levels. But this tip isn’t just applicable to Diabetics; it is useful for everyone. If you’ve just had VelaShape Fat Reduction, why not facilitate and maintain results by adding some weights while you walk?

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