5 Ways To Get Rid Of Undereye Bags

No matter how gorgeous the rest of your face looks, if you’ve got undereye bags, you’ll still look tired and less than fabulous.  Here are 5 solutions to your bags:

1. Did you get a great night’s sleep and yet still see undereye bags? Don’t worry – this is very typical. The length of time you spend on your back at night often causes fluids to pool, as they have a harder time to drain from the area. This contributes to undereye bags, as well as an overall puffiness that you may not like to see in the morning.

What You Can Do: Sleep with your head elevated as much as is comfortable. You’ll get your beauty rest plus keep fluids from pooling under your eyes. You can also apply cold cucumber slices on your eyes for a couple of minutes – the coolness will help relieve swelling.

2. As we age, undereye bags become more pronounced because fat pockets in our face shift and/or disintegrate. Lack of fat in the cheeks and near the eyes can lead to saggy skin, which may appear as bags.

What You Can DoInjectable fillers to the rescue! One 15-25minute treatment will yield an instant removal of your undereye bags. Fillers help to “fill out” the areas around the eyes, smoothing them out so that you won’t have sags and bags anymore.

3. On the other hand, another common reason for bags that is also related to the aging process is the weakening of ligaments in the under eye area. These ligaments help to contain fat pads, but as they weaken, these fat pads are able to push out, contributing to puffiness and bagging.

What You Can Do:  A healthy lifestyle, involving a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of water intake, exercise and sun protection are guaranteed to delay the signs of aging.

4. If your parents had undereye bags, then chances are you’ll have them, too. Genetics is one of the main causes.

What You Can Do: You can’t do much when it’s in your genes, but a gentle laser skin treatment like Fraxel may help. Designed as a non-surgical method of eye surgery, a series of short treatments can help to rejuvenate the area, smoothing away bags. The treatment will also erase wrinkles and pigmentation problems!

5. Do you suffer from a disorder or allergies? Both health conditions may contribute to puffiness.

What You Can Do: Talk to your doctor. You should seek treatment for your condition first, as this is the only effective way to eliminate bags. If you don’t and just try to get rid of the bags, you’ll find it to be extremely difficult and ineffective.




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