How does Fraxel make your skin look younger?

There are several non-invasive cosmetic procedures available to help restore skin to it’s youthful glory. Among them is Fraxel, which boasts celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian. But what exactly is Fraxel, and how does it work?

Fraxel is a type of fractional laser, which essentially uses pulses of laser light to stimulate the production of collagen. The laser penetrates deep into the skin in tiny pinpricks of light, or “microthermal” zones, to create new skin cells. This means that it can effectively treat specific areas whilst leaving the unaffected areas untouched, reducing recovery time and the number of treatments needed.

There are two types of lasers – ablative and non-ablative – and Fraxel is available in both. Ablative is usually a very high temperature, and while it produces great results, there is some recovery time needed. Non-ablative is less powerful and better suited to more minor cases. Fraxel is FDA-approved, and can be used to treat sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars as well as some kinds of melasma. Things such as wearing sunscreen can help the effects of Fraxel last longer, as can quitting smoking, which depletes collagen.

If you have acne scars (but no current acne), crow’s feet, fine lines or sun spots, you could be a good candidate for Fraxel. Ask your dermatologist today to assess whether this treatment is right for you.


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