The Best Father’s Day Gifts – Give Dad The Gift of Self-Care!

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Father's day Self care

Are you waiting for an amazing Father’s Day gift? Well, it is time to stop waiting and take control of your perfect gift – a confidence boost! Do you want to know how to look 10 years younger without surgery? What if I told you that you could improve your self-esteem and gain a youthful appearance this Father’s Day by treating yourself to all the fabulous treatments Skin Vitality has to offer. If you believe that cosmetic procedures are solely for women, I am here to tell you that the times have changed as Brotox is on the rise. Beyond Botox, filler for men, and CoolSculpting for men are becoming increasingly popular.

Since 2000, there has been a 29% increase, more than 1.3 million, of men in the United States alone that underwent cosmetic procedures. While most of these procedures were minimally invasive, men still comprised 13 percent of all cosmetic procedures in the United States! All people deserve to look and feel there best, including men. Which is why it is no surprise that male cosmetic procedures are a thing of the present and the future.

Research has shown that men typically approach cosmetic surgery differently than women as they seek different results. For now, it seems that most men do not want their cosmetic surgery to be obvious, but instead are driven towards subtle, but effective results. Men want masculine results that blend naturally with and elevate their existing features. Why wouldn’t you want to be the best version of yourself?


What is brotox and is it for me?

The answer is simple, Brotox is Botox for men, and if it is for you or not depends on whether you want to defy ageing and become the sexiest version of yourself possible. Botox is one of the most popular injectable aesthetic treatments in the world as it gives immediate and effective results that all men want! Men are now able to minimize their wrinkles in just minutes. Brotox gives men an instant confidence boost from the workplace to summer barbecues with friends and family. If that is not enough to convince you to treat yourself this Father’s Day, Botox is more affordable and accessible than ever.

how is botox for men different?

Men’s basic facial anatomy differs significantly from women’s and men have a very particular muscle mass and muscle fibre patterns. Given this, the placement of injection sites, precise injection techniques and other fine details are completely different when treating men with Brotox.

how long do botox injections last?

Typically, Botox injections last between 3 and 4 months. Thus, it is worth it to try out Botox and if you find it is not for you, which is highly unlikely, you do not have to get it again!  

Is botox painful?

No, botox is virtually painless and should be nothing to dread. At most you will feel a tiny pinch.

Brotox gives men confidence at work

Are you “tired of looking old and tired”? Men from every professional and lifestyle background no longer want to appear old and instead seek to regain their former youthful appearance. Men incur a lot of stress as they now face unprecedented demands at work and at home, which promotes wrinkles. The tendency of men to stay at work much later in life than in the past accelerates the negative impacts of ageing. Many post-35 men report a drop in confidence in the face of this professional competition. It is time to regain your confidence with the help of Botox! It is time to look just as good as the interns fresh out of college at your workplace. Seize the day and prevent yourself from getting old and appearing elderly! Wrinkle fillers for men are growing in popularity with Canadian men, so why keep ageing forwards, when all your friends are ageing backwards?

Botox facts for men

Brotox is safely administered by one of our many registered professionals at a local clinic near you. Not only is Brotox amazing at smoothing existing wrinkles it also is a powerful preventative measure for future wrinkles! This is because Botox is able to stop still-forming wrinkles from becoming permanent wrinkles. Brotox is ideal for the forehead and skin around the eyes, but it also can diminish deep and fine grooves around the neck. Botox is also becoming increasingly cost-friendly, with no recovery time! Men also find the procedure to be painless. 


FILLER for men

How is filler for men different?

Men and women seek different results from dermal fillers. Typically, women seek to add volume to the lips and cheeks, whereas men treat the lower face by using filler to achieve a more striking chin add structure and definition to the jawline. Juvederm Volux is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler perfect for men as it was specifically designed to treat the chin and jawline. The goal is to provide a nonsurgical solution to improve facial harmony and double chins so that clients have a stronger and more defined jawline. Overtime, soft-looking chins and jaws can be caused naturally by both age and genetics. Juvederm Volux counteracts the impacts of time by adding definition, symmetry, balance, or contour to this area, especially in profile.


Filler injected into the jaw aims to diminish and target any existing hanging, loose skin, and bone misfortune around the jaw. Jawline fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA) gels that get infused into the skin. The filler gives volume and replenishes the hyaluronic acid in your chin, leading to improved hydration. The two HA fillers available at Skin Vitality are Juvederm and Teosyal.

Depending on the results the patient is expecting to see, Jawline filler can achieve:

  • A reversal of ageing by decreasing the impacts related to lost volume,
  •  A more oval-looking structure to the lower portion of the face or squaring out the jaw,
  •  A balanced appearance by correcting a lopsided facial structure,
  • A solid base for the face by reinforcing or adding structure to the jaw.

How to improve your jawline this father’s day:

All men want a well-defined jaw, which is characterized by significant volume in the masseter muscle that gives an appearance of a curved and pronounced back of the cheek. This results in angular definition to the facial structure and creates the desired masculine look. When fillers are placed in strategic locations like the side of the jaw they improve a man’s natural bone structure, which creates a much more structured and sleeker look. By injecting dermal fillers into the angle of the jaw, the jaw line is pushed forward to create highly structured lines.

Male jaw fillers can non-surgically:

  • Create a square-looking, chiseled jaw
  • Improve jawbone structure and support the face
  • Fix a double chin
  • Enlarge weak, thin, or narrow jawlines
  • Restore the look of strength to the jawline

What is chin FILLER?

Fillers are provided by companies like Juvederm or Teosyal and are designed to specifically enhance the desired area. The type of filler specified for the chin is known as Juvederm Volux as it is a thicker product designed to treat areas with bone.

Chin filler is a non-surgical treatment that can provide results like those of face-lifts. Chin fillers are an injectable product that is inserted into the jawline and the surround areas of soft tissue just under the skin, which comprises of a simple treatment with a very quick recovery. A face lift, however, requires the patient to go under the knife, follow up medications and with a long and painful recovery.

What Does Chin Filler Help With:

A chin filler injection alters the definition and contour of the chin non-surgically. For men who want to improve their side profile and achieve a balanced facial structure It is a popular procedure.

Chin fillers help to create a stronger jawline, which leads a more youthful appearance. This is because chin fillers help to counteract the effects of ageing. As men age facial fat drops downwards with gravity when we lose bone mass in the skull that causes our cheeks and faces to deflate. Primarily, this bone loss occurs in the jaw meaning that the lower face can develop saggy and loose, tensionless skin.

Ultimately, the chin can appear squarer, and the neck becomes looser thus causing the appearance of a double chin. Chin filler can help you avoid all these negative effects of ageing!

To discuss if chin fillers are a good option for you, call us to book a free consultation!

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CoolSculpting for men


CoolSculpting is a cosmetic treatment that works to remove excess fat in stubborn areas, like the abdomen. The procedure works by freezing fat cells, which kills and breaks down the unwanted cells. Once the fat cells are killed, they can never grow back.

CoolSculpting is also a non-invasive procedure, meaning that to achieve the desired results the treatment does not involve cuts, anesthesia, or instruments entering the body. CoolSculpting can achieve similar results to liposuction and allow men to contour their bodies. The benefit of CoolSculpting is men do not need to take much time out of their busy schedules and can get right back to work after the procedure, unlike other surgical alternatives.

For these reasons, CoolSculpting treatments for men have become one of the most popular non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Men are eager to diminish unwanted fat deposits to achieve a slimmer more youthful appearance.

Does CoolSculpting Work on Men’s Belly Fat?

Yes, CoolSculpting absolutely works on men’s belly fat! In fact, belly fat is one of the most popular treatment areas with CoolSculpting along with flanks (love handles), double chins, and chest fat (moobs). On belly fat, the process applies constant cooling through an applicator that targets the desired area, in this case the abdomen.

The cooling process from the applicator penetrates beneath the skin to target and kill fat cells. The fat cell can not longer work to store fat in the belly once it freezes, thus the fat cell dies. The fat cell is naturally processed and flushed out of the body as waste when it dies and therefore cannot regrow.

The CoolSculpting belly fat treatment aids men to eliminate the stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen. Patients are left with a more sculpted, natural, youthful appearance. The results are indefinite so you can enjoy your new desired physique for months on end!

CoolSculpting for Men Cost

If you want to know ‘how much is CoolSculpting?’ The pricing of CoolSculpting varies depending on the area you want to treat. The CoolSculpting cost for a single treatment usually costs a couple hundred dollars, but the price may go up if you are looking to treat more than one area. If you want to learn more about the cost of CoolSculpting Skin Vitality would be more than happy to help you book a free assessment with a doctor or registered nurse at one of our 12 clinics!


After your CoolSculpting treatment you will be scheduled for follow-up assessment to review your results and decide if there are any additional sessions that are needed. Note that the results are not immediate but last a long time.

At a minimum of 3 weeks after the treatment, you will see approximately a 25% reduction of fat bulges. Though the most drastic results occur over the following 2-4 months post-treatment.
Depending on your goals and the size of the layer of fat you may require additional CoolSculpting treatments. Your results should be long-term if you maintain your weight post-treatment with a normal diet and exercise.

Results: CoolSculpting Before and After Men

This Father’s Day treat yourself to achieve the youthful and attractive appearance that so many men desire. Cosmetic treatments are loved by men because they solve the most frustrating confidence and competitiveness issues in just minutes with little to no recovery. Being the dedicated father that you are take matters into your own hands for Father’s Day. Give yourself the gift that so many men want and reverse the impending effects of age. Who says you cannot be 30 again, or at least appear 30? Not Skin Vitality, and you should not say no to yourself either! For more information on any cosmetic treatments, call us today!


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