Cellulite Treatment and Causes

The truth is fat reduction is specific to the individual, as we are all different. The market is rife with all kinds of therapies, creams, oils and special diets. What is important to you is choosing the one that works best for you, and we’ve found that ThermiSmooth Nonsurgical Body Contouring can do wonders for making your cellulite disappear, with results maintained with an at-home regimen of natural-bristle dry body brushing. This solution is totally nonsurgical and painless!

A Little About Cellulite: Causes
Are you tired of looking at that cottage cheese on your butt and thighs and stomach? Cellulite is just a euphemism for extra fat.

The majority of girls and women, particularly women above 35 years old, are affected by cellulite. Typically it appears on their legs, butt and thighs, whereas men are less prone to its development. It’s been a myth that only fat and overweight women suffer from cellulite. Excess weight does play a role to its appearance and can worsen it, but slim people can have it too. In addition, cellulite is common with post menopausal or pregnant women.

Cellulite can be caused by factors such as your genes, age, thickness of skin and excess weight. Improper circulation of blood and retention of fluid in the body can transform the fat cells into cellulite. Improper or insufficient intake of water can also cause cellulite, since the body can only remove toxins from itself by excreting fluids, and water consumption helps this natural process.

Estrogen is what determines the level of fat cells in the body, and higher levels of fat tend to contribute to higher levels of estrogen production. As a result, people who take medications such as sleeping pills, diuretics and birth control pills may experience a facility in the development of fat and cellulite, since most of these medications contain estrogen.


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