Don’t Forget the Aging Signs on Your Body

None of us want to look old before our time but it can be difficult to know what the best manner for slowing the signs of aging actually is. By identifying the three body parts that most easily reveal age, you can learn how to prevent yourself from showing these signs prematurely, enjoying a youthful appearance for as long as possible.

1. Hands

Signs of Aging: Hands may not be the first part of our body that we think of when considering the signs of aging but, in fact, they are among our most visible features. As with every part of us, our hands succumb to the effects of time, actually becoming one of the first body parts to show our age and acting as something of an advance warning for other changes to come in the rest of our skin.Visible effects will be noticed first on the backs of our hands where the skin is delicate and extremely thin. There is very little collagen in the layers of skin found on the back of our hands and this, ultimately, means that there is less natural protection available for the body to use in slowing noticeable signs of aging. As we grow older and collagen levels dissipate, the thickness of our hand’s skin lessens even further, causing veins to become more prominent and an increase in dryness and looseness to develop. Age spots and sunspots also begin to appear along with a marked change in skin tone and texture.

What Can I Do About It?

Luckily, there are a number of methods available that help to ward off the signs of aging hands. A Fraxel Toronto treatment can also assist with reducing the sign of advanced aging through gently remodelling the skin.Our body is greatly affected by the environment we expose it to and the hands are no different. The sun, always a massive contributor to skin deterioration, is the biggest environmental factor to be aware of here. Making sure to regularly wear sun block (along with SPF moisturizers) can do wonders for slowing down the damage that UV rays cause to the skin. Be sure to apply sun block to the backs of the hands, especially before driving for long periods of time.When performing household chores like dishwashing, gardening or general cleaning, it’s important to wear protective gloves that keep the skin of your hands out of contact from the harsh chemicals and soaps being used. Rubber gloves with a cotton lining are ideal for interior work while almost any type of glove will do for gardening or for covering up bare skin during cold weather. Nails grow brittle over time without proper protection as well. By wearing gloves, nails are kept out of contact with water — which causes them to naturally expand and contract as part of exposure. It’s also a good idea to switch household hand soaps to ones with mild pH levels.A routine of exfoliating and moisturizing can also go a long way toward preserving the youthfulness of hands. Using an exfoliate, twice a week, on the back of the hands helps to rid the skin of the dirt and debris that clogs pores while moisturizers provide the hydration that skin cells need to ward off chronic dryness and the deterioration that it causes.

2. Décolleté Area

Signs of Aging: The décolleté is often ignored in skincare regiments, even if we provide the proper level of attention to other parts of our body. Because it is an area of the body that is often covered up (especially during the long months of fall, winter and spring), it’s easy to forget that the décolleté is just as vulnerable to the signs of aging as any other part of our body and must be protected in order to maintain its youthful appearance.Without proper care, the décolleté can begin to show the wrinkles, discolouration and tonal and textural deterioration that is indicative of advanced age. Sun spots, liver spots and blotchy patches are one of the most common signs of aging found in the décolleté region but general sagging and looseness can also occur over time.

What Can I Do About It?

The décolleté can be protected in a number of different manners so that the development of the conditions listed above is slowed. As with all areas of the skin, the décolleté can look younger when an individual is consistent in making sure to drink enough water and remembering to apply sun block. Even when making sure that hydration and sun damage is taken into account, however, there are still a number of other, additional solutions for warding off the progression of aging that can be used.Cosmetic medicine provides numerous methods for reversing existing signs of aging. Skin tightening procedures, such as a ReFirme™ skin tightening Toronto treatment can help combat those signs of aging — like wrinkling, uneven texture or sagginess — that have already developed.Many moisturizing creams have been developed specifically with the décolleté area in mind. Their application allows the layers of the skin to work at their best by hydrating at a cellular level. These specialized products can help the skin to preserve its levels of elastin and collagen, halting the development of wrinkles, sagginess and uneven texture. Topical solutions made with kojic acid are especially effective in warding off irregular pigmentation and those composed with retinols are ideal for dealing with lines and wrinkles.

3. Shoulders

Signs of Aging: The skin of our shoulders, like the décolleté area, often suffers from receiving less attention than it deserves. Just like the hands and the décolleté, the shoulders are covered in fairly thin skin that quickly ages, falling victim to common symptoms like wrinkles, lining and discolouration.Our shoulders often demonstrate our age through the rapid development of uneven pigmentation — sun spots, age spots and blotchiness. Simply because we don’t often look at our shoulders ourselves, it’s easy not to take note of their condition until it’s too late to prevent damage from occurring.

What Can I Do About It?

The natural steps listed above for warding off aging for the hands and décolleté — namely sun protection and proper hydration — also apply to the shoulders and, because our shoulders often receive the brunt of sun damage during warmer months, these methods are even more important here. Sun block is a must for the shoulders as they can be badly damaged by UV rays if preventative care isn’t taken. Drinking enough water is also encouraged. It’s a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize shoulders as part of a regular skincare routine as well in order to keep pores unblocked and to give skin cells the nourishment they need to function at their best.There are also aesthetic treatment options that work to assist those who suffer from advanced, non-reversible signs of aging on their shoulders. The skin tightening (ReFirme™) and skin resurfacing (Fraxel® Skin Resurfacing) recommended for revitalization of the décolleté are applicable for shoulders that have begun to change in texture or tone.Toronto chemical peels can also go a long way toward restoring the vitality of shoulders that have begun to show their age through sun spots. Ask your physician for advice on the best peels and topical products for reducing the presence of discolouration that has been brought about by age.


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