Does Aspirin Fight Aging?

Apparently, it does according to a number of researchers, including those from University of Oxford. Aspirin has been found to have a positive effect on your health by lowering your risk of developing heart disease, and stroke. The pill is a blood thinner, keeping your blood flowing more smoothly through your vessels – which is how it reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Long term consumption of aspirin (more than 3 years) has also been found to reduce your chance of developing certain cancers, namely affecting the breast, ovaries, prostate, esophagus, colon, rectum and brain. It can prevent spreading as well by hindering inflammation and the growth of tumours.

In fact, scientists have found that aspirin’s ability to hinder inflammation is great for your skin, too. Skin can become less wrinkled and saggy since collagen won’t break down as quickly. If you’re prone to acne, you’ll find that the acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin is great to reduce pimples and soothe affected skin. Just apply a crushed aspirin pill right on the pimple to see the effects. It could be a fast, easy way to deal with a surprise zit, and can help until you come in for your chemical peel treatment.

If you’d like to start taking aspirin so you can experience its benefits for your health, make sure you speak to your doctor first. The pill is not compatible with certain medical conditions and medications, such as existing clotting disorders and birth control pills.


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