9 Things About Cellulite

Whenever women see a part of their skin is dimpled and has an orange peel look near their upper arms, lower limbs or abdomen, they automatically know that it is cellulite. Millions of women are constantly trying to figure out new ways to get rid of cellulite, undergoing treatments such as Venus Freeze. and VelaShape. So why do we hate it?

It Looks Bad

Cellulite makes the surface of the skin look bumpy and unsmooth, which is why most women dislike its appearance. Everyone knows it’s a type of fat as well.

It Shows Up In The Worst Places, Like the Legs

Cellulite can be quite embarrassing if you decide to wear something that reveals it, like shorts or a bathing suit. Most women want to feel beautiful in their clothing but with the appearance of cellulite, it becomes more difficult to feel this way.

Shows Up During Pregnancy

Cellulite loves to show up or worsen on a woman’s body immediately during or after their first pregnancy, due to hormonal changes.

Skinny People Have Cellulite Too

Fat deposits combined with trapped fluids and toxins under the skin cause cellulite, but this does not necessarily mean that there is a correlation between being fat and having cellulite. Thin and slender individuals can have cellulite too, which makes it even more aggravating!

More Stress Equals More Cellulite

A small amount of stress can be good for the body but there is only so much that the body can handle. Once you’ve passed that level, you have an increased chance of having cellulite because of the correlation between stress, the effect it has on your hormones, and the development of cellulite.

Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and Coffee Can Lead to More Cellulite

Smoking and drinking actually aids in the cellulite formation process because it inhibits the healthy processes of your body.

Genetics Can Affect Cellulite

Some individuals are just born with it. This is especially why some thin women have this trapped fat. It’s a skin condition so you have to try your best to find what treatable solution works best for you.

You Have To Put In the Work to Reduce Cellulite

You’ve got to stay healthy, change your diet and exercise to tone your body to lessen to appearance of cellulite on your skin. You can also visit a cosmetic surgery clinic for quick laser skin treatments like the Venus Freeze Cellulite Reduction treatment to reduce cellulite.


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