It’s what most of us struggle with daily: the unwanted fat on our bodies.

Excess fat has been linked to health problems like heart disease, infertility and stroke, but it can also be unappealing for our appearance. On the other hand, some amount of fat on the body is required to remain healthy. Fat may be stored just underneath the skin (subcutaneously) or around the organs (viscerally). When it’s located under the skin, common storage areas include the abdominal area, the chest, buttocks and thighs – all areas that are popular areas to target with nonsurgical body contouring procedures like Venus Freeze.

Is it necessary to have some fat? 

The answer is a resounding yes. Fat is required to:

But if you have too much subcutaneous fat, then you have some options to help get rid of it (and they don’t require surgery).

To remove unwanted fat in the subcutaneous layer of your skin, Skin Vitality Medical Clinic offers you a solution that is fast, painless and not only reduces the circumference of a body area, but also tightens lax skin and addresses wrinkles, too! Venus Freeze is the latest technology in nonsurgical fat and circumferential reduction. The treatment  requires no anesthesia, surgery or lengthy downtime. Used for years in Europe, it has finally received Health Canada approval and is now available in the country at Skin Vitality!

The Venus Freeze device combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) with pulsed magnetic fields to dramatically improve the processing of unwanted fat cells, allowing the body to eliminate them faster than it would without treatment. The technology also improves the quality of skin, remodeling it to make the area firmer, more toned and tighter. Featuring a painless treatment, short session times, and great results achieved sooner than other comparable technologies, Venus Freeze nonsurgical body contouring is guaranteed to become one of the most popular nonsurgical body contouring treatments in Canada, as it is in Europe right now.