Treating Photodamage

All of us are exposed to the sun throughout our lives and this takes a considerable toll on our skin. The effects of this photodamage can lead to significant issues that require treatment to resolve, such as Toronto Fraxel® and FotoFacial RF Pro®.


Photodamage is damage caused by the sun and can result from either intentional or unintentional tanning and exposure to UVA and/or UVB rays. While all of us will live part of our lives enjoying the sunlight, excessive exposure can lead to a number of skin issues, both minor and serious. As we get older many of these problems can become even more evident and require aesthetic procedures to properly treat. Most often, photodamage manifests in visible signs like wrinkling, uneven colouring and texture, freckles, the appearance of red marks (or noticeable blood vessels), scaly skin patches, liver/age spots and thinning skin. These signs will appear on the areas of the face and/or body that are most frequently exposed to sun. Usually photodamage will become evident on the ears, neck, arms, legs, arms, face, chest and back of hands.


There are a number of different methods for treating photodamage but two of the most successful are Fraxel® and Toronto FotoFacial RF Pro®. Fraxel® works to remove years of environmental and age-related damage, providing treatment that is able to remove the signs of photodamage. These include scarring, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pigmentation (age and/or liver spots), textural problems and more. Fraxel® technology treats patient’s problem areas through microscopic laser columns that accurately target skin conditions without harming any surrounding tissue. These lasers effectively resurface the skin, stimulating natural cellular functions to allow for the growth of new, healthy skin. Fraxel® is suitable for all skin types and can be used to treat the face, neck, hands and chest. Because Fraxel® laser technology is so precise, recovery times are minimal and free of almost any discomfort.

Another excellent method for treating photodamage is FotoFacial RF Pro®. FotoFacial RF Pro® is designed to reduce the appearance of textural and tonal problems caused by the sun. It’s able to help patients with photodamage symptoms like discolouration, age or liver spots, blood vessel appearance and much more. FotoFacial RF Pro® works so effectively to treat photodamage because it uses advanced el?s technology in combination with intense pulsed light and radio frequency waves. Patients that wish to treat photodamage-related problems on the rest of their body can enjoy treatment through FotoBody™ RF, a procedure that works similarly to FotoFacial RF Pro®.