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The Secret to Beautiful Lips

Smooth, full lips are an attractive quality that we all want to possess but, unfortunately, as we grow older, time and the environment inevitably take their toll on this vital feature. Lips are one of the first (and most visible) parts of our body to begin showing the toll that age takes on our body and, once they’ve begun to lose their shape and soft texture, most of us are anxious to find a proper way of restoring them. Fortunately for us, today’s aesthetic doctors are able to offer great methods for restoring lips to their smoothest and fullest — offering a secret to great lips that’s easy to take advantage of.

Why Do Lips Lose Smoothness and Fullness?

To best understand the secret to smoother, fuller lips, it’s essential to begin by looking at how they lose these qualities in the first place. A quick description of the aging process that skin goes through with time also works in describing how lips become older looking — although it is worth noting that the process is exaggerated in lips as the skin in this area of the face is naturally thinner than the rest of our face.

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Lips are composed of three layers of skin (the innermost, subcutaneous layer, the middle, dermis layer and the outermost, epidermis layer) just like the rest of our face. The cells within these layers are responsible for producing the elastin and collagen fibres that provide the full, plump shape and smooth texture that almost all lips enjoy in youth. These fibres are produced by our skin cells regularly, being lost and replaced constantly, and do the work of helping our skin to rebound from stretching (elastin) and maintain firmness or plumpness (collagen). Over time, our body becomes less capable of generating elastin and collegen and, because of their absence, common signs of aging — like lip wrinkles, fine lines, sagging or thinning — become noticeable.

Aside from the elastin and collagen that works to maintain shape and fullness, hyaluronic acid is also an essential ingredient in youthful, vibrant lips. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the muscles, tendons and skin of our bodies and is a vital component for the formation of plumpness. When it is not as readily available — as advanced age begins to break down the processes that lead to its creation — the skin loses lustre and shape.All of these effects are exasperated by the body’s inability to properly retain moisture as we get older. Water serves as the primary vehicle for transporting nutrients to our skin cells and, when advanced age makes this process less effective, cells eventually begin to be starved of the fuel they need for producing appropriate levels of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.Because, as noted above, lips are thinner than many other areas of our skin, the breakdown of collagen, elastin and essential components like hyaluronic acid becomes even more noticeable than elsewhere. The thinness and loss of shape that eventually emerges over time can be combatted, however, and lips can be rejuvenated through a number of different natural and medical techniques.

What Can I Do About It?

Modern cosmetic medicine provides a host of ideal treatment methods that can help restore your lips to their smoothest and fullest. The use of one form of therapy or a combination of treatment methods prescribed by an aesthetic doctor or nurse can combat the effects of aging and help you to look your very best again. Two of the most effective (and popular) of these treatments are found in Juvéderm™ injections and laser skin tightening procedures.


What is A Lip Flip?

A BOTOX Toronto treatment will help erase vertical lip lines by relaxing the muscles around the mouth, which will help smooth out the lips and make them more youthful-looking. Treatment can be combined with other solutions to achieve a fuller lip contour.

Looking for Lip Augmentation Toronto?

Toronto Juvéderm™ is able to get lips back to their very best condition by working to restore the hyaluronic acid and collagen that is necessary for full, smooth lips. The product is made with hyaluronic acid (the natural, collagen producing substance described above) as a key component of its composition. When hyaluronic acid is introduced to a site through Juvéderm™, the substance integrates into tissue on a basic, cellular level. This process then allows Juvéderm™ to re-firm and re-plump aging skin by stimulating the production of collagen — the building blocks of full, shapely lips.


Since Juvéderm™ uses a naturally occurring substance as its basis, injection treatments are extremely effective and, with the adherence to proper follow-ups, provides long-lasting results.Following a Juvéderm™ treatment, patients can expect to see a drastic decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, lining and thinning that makes lips look older and less lustrous than they should. When administered in a regular sequence of treatments (the amount and frequency is best determined by a medical professional) Juvéderm™ is extremely effective in making lips both fuller and smoother.

Laser Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening treatments are another great option. We offer the most advanced systems currently available in aesthetic medicine. It leverages the power of elos™ technology in order to stimulate collagen production in a targeted area, reducing imperfections and making lips fuller and healthier looking. elos™ is a revolutionary system that combines bipolar radio frequency (RF) waves and light energy together to target designated treatment areas with incredible precision. Laser skin tightening uses elos™ to accurately direct light and RF waves to the skin’s dermal layer and stimulate natural, collagen producing properties. This increase in collagen production achieves results in much the same manner as Juvéderm™ — giving the skin what it needs to become firmer, plumper and more attractive. Upon completion of a treatment, patients will see great improvements in skin tone, texture and plumpness. Lips, through the stimulation of extra collagen, become fuller and have a smoother, healthier texture as well.

The existence of fine lines and wrinkles are addressed through its use while any of the droopiness that comes about as lips begin to lose their shape is also drastically reduced.

Many patients love laser skin tightening for the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure that can still provide exceptional results. It offers great skin-care and lip augmentation solutions without any of the pain that less sophisticated laser systems involve (due to the fact that elos is able to target and heat areas without as much use of intensive, optical energy) and the treatment sessions themselves are relatively quick while not requiring substantial recovery time.

All of this serves to make laser skin tightening a great option for patients that desire exceptional results without inconvenience.These treatments offer patients a perfect opportunity for enjoying the youthful, vibrant look that comes with the restoration of smooth and full lips without any intensive surgical procedures or long recovery time. They are well-researched and have proven documented results.

Aside from cosmetic therapy, protecting what you already have is also an important step. Make sure to take the time to keep your lips properly protected from the harmful effects that come from exposure to sun or smoke. Along with sun block and moisturizers, drinking proper amounts of water can also provide a natural step that works to ward off rapid deterioration of the lips.Coupling natural and medicinal treatments together provides the secret for smoother, fuller lips that work to make you look and feel beautiful.