Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

Only Performed by Medical Professionals For Your Safety

All of the Vitamin IV Drip Therapy procedures are medically directed treatment protocols that are delivered by either a registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP) or medical doctor (MD). All of our RNs performing this treatment have their phlebotomy/IV certification.

Each formulation is considered a prescription medication.

You’ll see one of our top IV medical professionals who will use their expertise and experience to provide you with a safe and comfortable treatment. At Skin Vitality, we have a team of 26 Registered Nurses and 10 Physicians who are licensed to perform IV Therapy in the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener, St. Catharines, and London at our 9 locations across southwestern Ontario.

IV Infusions

1. Vitality Hydrate

Get this if you:

  • – workout regularly, or are a professional athlete who wants to stay at the top of your game.
  • – are recovering from physically demanding activities.
  • – are generally dehydrated.

Your body is made up of approximately 60% water and requires water to function properly. Even if you’re not feeling thirsty, you may still be dehydrated and unaware. Dehydration can cause a number of issues:

  • – weakness and loss of strength
  • – fatigue
  • – no stamina
  • – dull complexion
  • – muscle damage from lactic acid build up

If you’re feeling tired and don’t know why, it may be that you’re simply dehydrated. It’s time to replenish and re-energize with Vitality Hydrate. You’ll receive 1 litre of pure saline for instant hydration. You’ll rebalance your body salt levels, flush out lactic acid that can make you feel sore and stiff, as well as detoxify your body so you can better function.

2. Vitality Recovery

Get this if you:

  • – have a hangover.
  • – are recovering from an illness.
  • – suffering from cold or flu symptoms.
  • – suffer from allergies.
  • – have a headache or other body ache.
  • – need overall hydration.

Trying to get over a hangover? Suffering from allergies? Don’t resort to cures that won’t work. If you’re feeling rundown, “out of it”, nauseated and dehydrated, then Vitality Recovery is what you need. Receive 1 litre of pure saline enhanced with B12 and steroid, as well as an anti-nausea medication and stomach protector to help you feel better INSTANTLY. You’ll also experience a reduction in inflammation and pain, so you can get on with your day fully energized.

3. Vitality Travel

Get this if you:

  • – have jet lag.
  • – want to maintain optimal health and wellness.
  • – want to help prevent colds and flu-like illnesses.
  • – want to boost your immune system.
  • – want to detoxify your body.

Jet lag can take away from the excitement and joy of traveling, making you feel tired, nauseated and sick. Vitality Travel is the ideal solution for weary travelers and jetsetters who want to beat the energy drain of jet lag and stay healthy on their travels. Formulated with 1 litre of pure saline and enhanced with B vitamins, magnesium, anti-oxidants and electrolytes, this IV treatment therapy will restore your hydration levels and detoxify your body for a fantastic boost in your immune system. Whether you’re combating the effects of jet lag or simply wanting an overall boost in wellness, Vitality Travel will provide a welcome surge of energy and sense of well being.

4. Vitality Rejuvenate

Get this if you:

  • – want to fight the signs of aging.
  • – want stronger and nicer looking skin, hair and nails.
  • – need to detoxify your body’s free radicals.

Aging is a gradual process that is marked by a build up of damaging free radicals in your body. These free radicals wreak havoc, causing deterioration of vital organs, and even cancer. Fight back with Vitality Rejuvenate, a formulation of 250 ml of pure saline boasting vital anti-oxidants, particularly glutathione, and vitamin C. You’ll neutralize free radicals to slow down the aging process and promote cellular rejuvenation. Ideal as part of an overall body cleanse.

Please note that you cannot receive this treatment if you are allergic to sulfa.

5. Vitality Quick

Get this if you:

  • – want to dramatically increase energy levels.
  • – want to enhance your overall feeling of wellness.
  • – want to help balance your electrolytes.
  • – want a quick pick-me-up.
  • – are short on time and lead a busy lifestyle.

Are you a busy and active professional who’s always on the go, with no time to relax and enjoy our regular 45 minute infusions? Vitality Quick may be the ideal infusion for you! Formulated with B vitamins, folic acid, B12, magnesium, electrolytes and an antioxidant in 250ml of saline, it’s a quick burst of stamina that is sure to leave you feeling energized and at your best. Help balance your electrolytes, detoxify free radicals and provide a boost to your immune system, all in 15 minutes or less. It’s the one of a kind Skin Vitality 15 minute Boost!

6. Vitality Ease

Get this if you:

  • – are recovering from a cold or flu.
  • – need relief from nausea associated with a hangover.
  • – are suffering from a physical injury.
  • – need to ease the pain of general swelling and inflammation.

You don’t have time to lie around, waiting to recover from that sore and achy feeling that is often accompanied by upset stomach. You’re busy, and need to be in optimum health all the time. Vitality Ease consists of 1 litre of hydrating saline formulated with an anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea medication and stomach protector. Vitality Ease relieves the pain and nausea associated with inflammation and hangovers, so you can function more like your usual optimal self. As an added bonus, the anti-inflammatory won’t irritate your stomach, since we’ve added a medically proven stomach protector to this unique formulation.

7. Vitality Ultimate

Get this if you:

  • – want the ultimate in wellness, recovery and detoxification.
  • – are getting over a cold, flu or other significant illness.
  • – are generally exhausted and worn out.
  • – suffer from extreme seasonal allergies.
  • – are suffering from an extreme hangover.
  • – want a boost to your immune system and energy levels.
  • – want to cleanse your system and rid your body of damaging free radicals.

Vitality Ultimate is 1 litre of hydrating saline formulated with B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, B12, steroid, stomach protector, anti-nausea medication and antioxidants. A combination of Vitality Recovery, Vitality Travel and Vitality Rejuvenate, this comprehensive formulation will provide you with the ultimate boost to your energy and immune systems, while ridding your body of damaging free radicals. When maximum wellness is your priority, Vitality Ultimate delivers extreme relief.

Please note that if you are allergic to sulfa, you will not receive the magnesium and antioxidant component of this treatment.

IM Injection Boosters

1. Vitality B12

Get this if you:

  • – want to boost your energy levels.
  • – are a vegan.
  • – are an athlete or perform physically demanding activities at your job.
  • – want to improve your sleep and appetite cycles.
  • – want to lose weight but can’t because you feel hungry all the time.

If you’re low on B12, you’ll probably feel tired, cranky and hungry all the time. Sound familiar? Beat fatigue, improve sleep and control your appetite so you can lose weight with Vitality B12. You’ll feel energized for days! Popular with vegans and athletes, and for those wanting a natural boost to their immune system.

2. Vitality Reduce

Get this if you:

  • – want to lose weight and boost your metabolism.
  • – want a boost in your energy levels.
  • – want to improve your sleep and appetite cycles.
  • – want to stimulate fat burning.

You’ve committed yourself to exercising and dieting regularly, yet you still aren’t seeing the benefits of your hard work. Low levels of vitamins and nutrients in your body may be to blame. Vitality Reduce gives you more of the things you need to lose weight more efficiently, while still maintaining energy levels. Formulated with B vitamins, vitamin C, B12, and amino acids, you’ll enjoy a faster metabolism and more regular sleep cycles to keep your body primed for weight loss.

3. Vitality Glow

Get this if you:

  • – want to reduce the signs of aging.
  • – want a healthier, younger looking complexion.
  • – want healthier and nicer looking hair and nails.
  • – want to attack the build up of damaging free radicals

Reverse the signs of aging from the inside with Vitality Glow, an antioxidant formulation that your body can absorb more easily than oral supplements. Glutathione is considered one of the most important of all antioxidants and is an effective way to eliminate free radicals and reduce the damage they cause to internal organs. Your complexion will glow!

Please note that you cannot receive this treatment if you are allergic to sulfa.

4. Vitality Sport

Get this if you:

  • – want to dramatically increase energy levels.
  • – want to enhance your physical performance.
  • – want to recover from an aggressive workout.
  • – want to boost heart health.

If you’re an athlete who needs to stay at the top of their game everyday, Vitality Sport is for you. Featuring B12, Folic Acid, B vitamins and CoQ10 enzyme, this booster will keep your energy levels at a maximum, even throughout strenuous or prolonged activity. It will also help you recover faster from a particularly hard training day or game. Beneficial side effects are that it protects your body from dangerous toxins and fights the effects of aging!

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