Cosmetic Procedures To Rejuvenate and Transform

At Skin Vitality Medical Clinics, our goal is to provide you with the best service and solution for your laser aesthetics, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, breast augmentation and anti-aging needs. Using state of the art elos™ laser technology and the latest and best injectable products, we are committed to exceeding your expectations as our patients.


Our Medical Services

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Surgical procedures


Our medical team is committed to:

  • Taking the time to understand your concerns and needs. Our Registered Nurses will provide a complimentary analysis of your skin and/or body issue. They will recommend a treatment consisting of suitable elos™ technology and skincare treatments combined with prescription skin care. It is our belief that you should be the best you can at any age and we will help you achieve this goal by educating you and introducing you to non-invasive techniques that can help you achieve a younger, healthier appearance.
  • Your services are provided in our warm and relaxing spas located in the Greater Toronto and Kitchener areas. We are open evenings and weekends for your convenience.
  • Our highly trained staff includes licensed doctors and a team of over 10 Registered Nurses, 10 Registered Practical Nurses, 20 Medical Estheticians and 10 Medical Consultants and 40 office personnel. Our commitment to ongoing training and new technologies ensures you will receive the best results.

Call today and ask to speak to one of our Registered Nurses for your complimentary consultation, skin analysis and free introductory treatment.Our vision is to help you look and feel your best.

Choosing the Right Skin Treatment

It can be confusing to try to find the right treatment for the skin problems you need addressed. With so many options on the market it’s a good idea to be informed of the many procedures and solutions available so that you can find the right one for your exact needs.

1. Wrinkles

Everyone develops wrinkles, fine lines and folds in their skin as they get older — but we don’t have to live with them. Wrinkles can be treated in a number of different ways but injection therapy is one of the safest and most effective. Toronto BOTOX® and Juvéderm™ are two of the most popular solutions in repairing wrinkled skin, both providing exceptional, natural-looking results without requiring any surgery or significant recovery time.

2. Uneven Texture

Our skin isn’t always able to properly maintain an even texture as it ages or falls victim to environmental damage. Restoring smooth, healthy texture is possible through the use of topical products like the advanced SkinTX Treatment System™. SkinTX™ is a daily-use system that is customizable for specific skin issues. By working with your physician to create the perfect plan your skin texture can improve drastically while only requiring you to follow a few simple steps each day.

3. Uneven Tone

Discolouration, pigmentation and other tonal issues can take a large toll on the look of your skin. Several treatment options are currently available that work to combat these problems though. Laser resurfacing procedures like FotoFacial RF Pro® photofacial rejuvenation Toronto are able to uneven tone caused by photodamage, aging and even specific problem areas where broken capillaries or spider veins have become noticeable. Topical products (like SkinTX™) are also effective in restoring a healthy tone while reducing the appearance of various imperfections.

4. Scars

Unsightly scars can be removed with a little assistance from your aesthetic physician. Fraxel® skin resurfacing Toronto is a laser treatment system that is designed to combat age and environment related damage but it has also enjoyed success due to its ability to drastically reduce the appearance of scars. Aside from Fraxel®, those who wish to treat visible scars can also look into medical grade chemical peels as an alternative solution.

5. Sagging Skin

The breakdown of the skin’s natural proteins over time leads to sagging or drooping. This common problem can be addressed through skin tightening systems like ReFirme™ skin tightening Toronto. ReFirme™ is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment option that perks up droopy or saggy skin with incredibly accurate and gentle laser treatment. Juvéderm™ also presents another ideal option for firming and plumping sagging skin.