Youthful Skin Is Always In Season

We all know that certain things can come into fashion, take your world by storm, and then leave again as quickly as they came in. Everyone’s had the experience of looking at a photo of themselves from 10, 20 or even 30 years ago and wondering what we were thinking – why did we think those leg warmers were a good idea? Or that hair perm? But the fact that these fashion trends come and go is part of what makes us love them so much; it’s fun to keep up with the times, and besides, you can always buy new clothes, or get rid of your old ones.

But what about the parts of our appearance we can’t control so easily? Sure, there are fad diets and expensive surgeries out there for those of us who might be looking to make a drastic change, but for some of us, all we want to do is get some control over the damaging effects that time and aging can have on our skin. This is where BOTOX® comes in.

At Skin Vitality, we’re one of the biggest BOTOX® providers in all of Canada, with hundreds of patients coming into our clinics for new rounds of treatment every day. BOTOX® is extremely popular with clients of all ages and from all walks of life – and we completely understand why. The thing about BOTOX® is that it offers the best of all possible worlds when it comes to skincare and anti-aging treatments; it’s more effective than any of the drugstore treatments out there on the market, less potentially dangerous and time-consuming than more radical surgeries, and creates a subtle effect that distinctly makes a difference, but isn’t completely permanent, so you can change your treatment options over time.

BOTOX® consists of a serum made of Botulinum Toxin type A that gets injected into the areas of your face affected by fine lines or wrinkles. The serum, which works to block the nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions and eventually more wrinkles, starts working almost instantly, and the results of the treatment should be visible within a day or two. Most BOTOX® injections last between four to six months, after which point you can come back to Skin Vitality to discuss any changes you may want in your next round of injections to target different areas, or to simply get another treatment. Best of all, there’s no downtime associated with the procedure – in almost all cases, you can get it done and then get right back to living your life!

Our roster of highly skilled, trained and experienced medical professionals will be able to ensure that you get exactly the Botox treatments you want and need. With years of experience and thousands of successful BOTOX® injections under our belts, we understand exactly what you want from your BOTOX® treatments, and will be able to help make your skin look younger than ever before.

Fashion trends come and go, but with Skin Vitality’s BOTOX® treatments, you can ensure you’ll always have radiant, youthful skin, no matter what the season.



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Free in Clinic Consultation and Assessment with a Member of our Medical Team at one of our 13 locations!