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Unique, Uncommon, and Unusual Gifts!


Instead of that typical gift-card this year try one of these unique gifts sure to shock and surprise anyone you gift them to.

1. DIY Lip Balm Kit, $44.32

Give this DIY kit to someone who loves to pamper themselves. This kit is made with all-natural emollients and is actually made and assembled by hand from lovely ladies living in transitional housing in the Washington DC area. This kit provides basic job skills for these women through participating in this social skills program.
Each kit includes everything you’ll need to make your very own moisturizing lip balm from Fair Trade cocoa butter and organic spearmint essential oil, for a delectable and refreshing fusion of chocolate and mint. Inside the recycled box, crafters will find a vibrant, soy-ink-dyed recipe card and valuable information about the contents of their lip balm to be, including cocoa butter, sunflower oil, beeswax, and organic essential oils. Every kit makes five tins of mint-cocoa balm, making it an ideal endeavor for a rainy day or a fun task to take on with a group of good friends.


2. Story of the Earth (Set of 7 Bracelets), $35.46

Give back with this gift. This collection of handcrafted bracelets has seven unique combinations of colours, charms, beads and decorative knot work, allowing you to find a symbolic meaning in each one. These bracelets are handmade in Guatemala.

3. Lottie Necklace – Hot Pink Tassel with Peridot, $159.99



Beautiful strands of colourful gemstones sourced from Jaipur make up the length of the Lottie Necklace. Created in celebration of the launch of Me to We’s Araveli Centre, the necklace is characterized with a brightly coloured cotton tassel, contrasting with the gemstones in a striking fashion. The Lottie Necklace goes easily from day to night. It can be worn on its own or stacked for added drama, perfectly paired with a white T-shirt or a loose blouse. The Lottie Necklace is sourced from a bespoke atelier where beautiful creations are crafted by professional artisans of the highest level of training, using only ethically sourced components and materials.

4. Eternity Scarf, $99.99


This winter, from the happy alpacas of Ecuador, we are bringing you some positive altitude. Hand-made by local artisans from 100% pure (and happy!) Alpaca yarn, the eternity, cowl neck scarf is made with ancestral techniques that date back to the Incan empire.

From the chilly eastern ridges of the Ecuadorian highlands on a small mountain called El Inga, comes the story of the happy alpacas. Alpacas are native to the Andean mountains in Ecuador and have been domesticated over 6000 years. Discovered by Roxanne while visiting Free The Children projects in Ecuador, the happy alpacas are free range and organically raised. Used for their wool since the Inca Empire when only royals were permitted to wear alpaca fiber knits, the happy alpaca fiber is hand-picked and no chemicals dyes, or bleaches have been used in processing the wool.

5. What I Love About You by Me Book, $11.08


Sweet and personal, this hardcover book spells out exactly what you love about a special someone. Complete each page’s fill-in-the-blank responses and simple prompts with racy disclosures or heartfelt sentiments, and you have the perfect personalized keepsake. Whether part of an anniversary surprise or just because, this inspired journal becomes a delightful collection of all the reasons you care.


6. Trade Bead Cuff Links – Ambassador Bead, $89.99


The silverwork on these cuff links is unparalleled, with heavy sterling silver hardware bookending some of our most distinctive and rare African Trade Beads. These antique blue ambassador beads were customarily given as gifts to African chiefs by European traders, to guarantee safe passage across the continent.


7. Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock,  $79.78 – 97.51


The epitome of modern electronic design is now paired up with the timeless, organic minimalism of nature. These docks for iPhone and iPod are handcrafted from natural driftwood, polished to a velvety smoothness by sand and surf before washing up on the stony shores of Maine. That’s where Lee Goodwin and his team gather them, select each one for size and shape, and craft them to fit the contours and cord of your device. The juxtaposition of organic and artificial, contemporary and timeless transforms your personal electronics into a piece of functional art. Handmade in Maine.

8. Scratch Map, $22.16

Track your travels with a handsome scratch-off-where-you’ve-been map that charts globetrotting in a fun, colorful and innovative way. Scratch off the areas you’ve visited to reveal adventurous pops of color that turn traveling into a “domestic” treasure hunt of on-the-fly geography lessons. Its brilliant colors and worldly charm is sure to enliven any room–just be sure to keep a coin handy for easy scratching! Made in the UK.


9. Mik – Amplifying Phone Case, $27.70

Invented by an electrician who discovered external speakers and headphones were too bulky and awkward to use when he worked with his hands, the Mik uses acoustic technology to turn your protective iPhone case into a speaker that can increase your phone’s output by 50-20 decibels. This pioneering solution was a success; with the Mik, the ingenius electrician was able to listen to tunes on the job without the need for wires and batteries.

Along with amplifying the sound level for music, the Mik improves tone and clarity — making talking on the speaker phone sound like less like gobbledygook and more like an actual conversation.


10. Ballpark Blueprints, $204.99

These Ballpark Blueprints honor that spirit of history and place in classic style. Evoking the nostalgia of midcentury architectural plans, these illustrations lay out the details of some of the game’s legendary ball fields. Each drawing is accompanied with that stadium’s design specs and highlights game stats of particular interest. The completed print has an aged finish that gives the impression of a vintage document. Printed on museum-grade, archival paper and framed in black BonanzaWood® using acid-free archival board. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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