Longer Lashes

close up of eyelashes

Skin Vitality Has LATISSE®!

The older we get, the sparser our eyelashes get. It is a natural part of aging that, just like wrinkles and melasma, can make you look older than you really are.

Resulting from a shorter growth phase, sparse lashes don’t do much for the eyes, do they? Longer lashes make the eyes look brighter, larger and more youthful. You can only apply so much mascara until it looks gunky, but there is now something that can help your own lashes actually grow thicker and longer.

LATISSE® is now available in Canada! This physician-prescribed medical product is topically applied to the lash lines to promote the growth of your lashes. You will have lusher lashes in a few weeks, with results generally quite dramatic. Latisse has been available in the US for a few months and has only recently been approved for sale here by Health Canada.

Do you want longer and thicker eyelashes without using mascara or falsies? Contact us right now to book your appointment!

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