Tips To Keep Your Skin Soft, Smooth And Glowing As The Weather Cools Down

Every fall, as the days get shorter and the temperatures start to creep downward, the more beauty-conscious among us find ourselves breathing a sigh of relief that we get to put away the many components of our summer skincare routines. Between sunscreens, tinted moisturizers, and powders to soak up the extra shine brought on by heat and humidity, many of us end up spending a ton of time and money just trying to keep our skin looking good throughout the summer months. But just because you don’t have to slather yourself in SPF doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be ready for the colder weather with a fall-specific beauty regimen. Colder temperatures and drier air mean that your skin can end up feeling disappointingly dry, dull, or patchy – but thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are a few simple, painless, and non-invasive options for anyone interested in maintaining a youthful glow all the way through Christmas and even into the spring.

Step 1: Moisturize. This is one of the most oft-repeated skincare tips both on this blog and everywhere else, but it’s a favourite for a reason. Moisturizing promotes the healthy growth and proliferation of skin cells that keep your face healthy and wrinkle-free, and fights back against the kinds of dryness and fine lines that can make you look older than you really are. There’s nothing better you can do for your skin if you want to keep it looking vital, youthful and glowing than moisturizing regularly and drinking lots of water.


Step 2: Look for vitamin C. You might already be eyeing products containing vitamin C in an effort to ward off the colds that sometimes come with cooler temperatures, but it turns out this “little supplement that could” can also help regenerate collagen and speed up the regeneration of damaged skin. Not just for colds anymore!


Step 3: Visit one of our clinics. At Skin Vitality, our number one priority is keeping you as healthy and young-looking as you want to be, and if your main concern is keeping your face free of the pesky dullness and wrinkles that fall and winter weather can exacerbate, we’re the ones who can help you. Two of our most popular non-invasive anti-aging treatments are Botox and Juvéderm; each are painless injections administered into the wrinkled or aging areas of your face with a fine needle, and each provide you with subtle but strikingly noticeable effects that will have you turning heads all through the season.


There are a few key differences between Botox and Juvéderm, and our highly experienced clinicians can help you figure out exactly which one is the best for your needs. Botox injections work to immobilize the small facial muscles whose movements create wrinkles, while Juvéderm treatments add collagen (a chemical that your body naturally produces when you’re young, but slows down its production of as you age) to the affected areas, “plumping” up sagging skin.


Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll walk away from our GTA clinics with a new, much-deserved glow – and no matter how cold it gets outside, people will be complimenting your revitalized look through the fall and winter. Contact us today and kickstart your fall skincare routine!


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