Surprise Your Mom with Something She Really Wants this Mother’s Day 

The Mother’s Day Skin Vitality eGift Card

This Mother’s Day, Skin Vitality has brought to you, The Mother’s Day eGift Card. This is the perfect gift during these unprecedented times because it can simply be emailed to your mom and used towards any in-clinic treatment such as Botox®, CoolSculpting®, Juvederm® and EMSculpt®!


Botox® is a common anti-aging procedure that is perhaps the most well-known by name. But do you truly understand how it all works? It is an injectable treatment used to smooth out expression lines in the face for a more useful appearance in areas such as the crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. 

Our appearance changes as we get older. Although many moms’ feel young at heart, the picture we see in the mirror may tell us a different story. As a result, these shifts in our physical appearance may be devastating to our self-esteem. Aging is unavoidable, but how we appear is something we can control. And, oh, there’s no harm in spoiling yourself on Mother’s Day! 

CoolSculpting® for Busy Mom’s

You adjust as a mother. You must remember the needs of your children as well as the needs of your own after having given birth to your bundle of joy. This also leads to problems with time management, making it impossible to rush to the gym or plan extensive, nutritious meals. Fat accumulation can occur as a result of poor diet and exercise habits. 

CoolSculpting® is a body contouring and fat reduction treatment that removes hard to target areas of fat permanently by freezing the fat cells and destroying them. With no downtime, it makes it that much easier to get back to your busy mom life. In addition, your confidence can increase by 25% after just one session!  


Juvederm® is an injectable gel that enhances facial contours, erases deep lines, replaces volume loss and modifies the size and shape of facial features. Fillers are different from Botox in that they raise the cheeks and soften creases and lines, whereas Botox® calms the muscle to eliminate wrinkles.  

How we look has a strong correlation with how we feel. One of the most wonderful and rewarding tasks in a woman’s life is that of a mother. However, with all of the happiness will come with a lot of fatigue and the persistent feeling that you don’t have enough time for yourself. Long days and interrupted sleep will deplete your skin’s appearance and make you appear and feel tired. Perhaps more difficult is the fact that ambitious mothers require, and are entitled to, special attention!  

EMSculpt® for Mom

EMSculpt® is a completely new body-contouring device that can treat your abs, buttocks, hamstrings or quads! As a mom you don’t have the time to do 20,000 squats or sit-ups but with EMSculpt®, all it takes is 30 minutes to go beyond your goals! Even if mothers had the time to go to the gym, they would only be able to activate 45% of their muscles, whereas with EMSculpt, 95% are activated.  

Surprise her with something she will love this year! Although not everyone is able to spend that quality time with mom this year, you can certainly send her the perfect virtual gift. Moms deserve recognition, especially when we’re apart. Here at Skin Vitality, we can make Mother’s Day extra special for all of the excellent mothers out there!  Get your Skin Vitality Mother’s Day eGift Card here.



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