Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please Reverse The Sun Spots on My Skin!

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The cause of sun damage

Well, the answer is in the name – sun damage is caused by, surprise, surprise, the sun! Our beloved sun that keeps the world going around emits powerful rays known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation that are harmful towards our skin. Sun damage occurs when UV light hits unprotected skin, which causes DNA changes at a cellular level. But UV is also how we tan, and in certain cultures being tanned is seen as an attractive feature. Thus, people lie in the sun for hours on end to become as tanned as possible without any protection. While tanning people are also subjecting their skin to agony. Since the damage from UV radiation penetrates the deepest layers of the skin it can take numerous years before the impacts of sun damage become visible. 

the negative impacts of sun damage

  1. Sunburn

Intense and continuous sun exposure with no protection leads to a sunburn. Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction to UV radiation that causes the skin to turn red and become painful. An intense sunburn can even lead to swelling, blistering skin, and flu like symptoms (fever, chills, nausea, headache, and weakness).

  1. Freckles

Skin that is often exposed to sun can develop small brown spots on the surface known as freckles. The face, chest, and arms are common places for freckles to develop. Typically, freckles are harmless and disappear with the seasons and age. But freckles are a sign that your skin is being overexposed to the sun, and there may be more invisible damage occurring deep in the skin’s inner layers.

  1. Sun Spots

Sun spots are caused by overactive pigment cells and are similar to freckles, but they do not fade as easily as freckles. Also, sun spots are larger, darker and have a more defined shape. Sun spots can appear in different shades of brown, tan, or black. Usually, they are harmless, but they are aesthetically unpleasing.